Popcorn Brings Mothers And Daughters Together

I come from what most people would call a rather large family, but at this point almost all of my siblings live out of state. My sister, the youngest of five, still lives in our home town about ten minutes away from my parents, and she and my mom have developed a bit of a tradition involving popcorn and Netflix movies. My sister’s husband works a lot of late nights so rather than staying home alone she comes over to my parents’ house and hangs out with my mom.

This works out great because my dad has a tendency to come home from work and turn on some sports on the television or watch some kind of weird ghost hunting show. Once my dad is sucked into the television zone it is almost impossible to pull him back out, so it’s nice for my mom when my sister comes over to keep her company, and it’s nice for my sister to not be all alone in a big quiet house.

From what I’ve grasped, these bonding nights can consist of any variety of popcorn. Sometimes they have microwave popcorn, sometimes they make homemade caramel corn, and sometimes they do homemade air popped corn drizzled with a little bit of butter. From what I’ve been able to grasp, it sounds like that last option is their favorite.

Once the popcorn has been prepared they each get a blanket to cuddle up in and pick out a movie. Sometimes they watch chick flicks, sometimes they watch kids’ movies, and sometimes they just pick out an episode from a T.V. series that they really like.I try to call my mom a few times a week so that she knows that I haven’t forgotten about her. I’d come over and visit her myself if I lived closer so that it was more convenient, but unfortunately a thousand miles is a long way to travel for a short visit. I’m definitely glad that my youngest sister is there to keep Mom company in my absence.

It is great how simple things like bowls of butter drizzled popcorn and movies can bring people together for a good time. Even though there aren’t a lot of words spoken during those evening movie parties, I know that they have played a strong role in strengthening the relationship that my mom and my sister have with each other.
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Mackenzie O’Brien
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