Popular New Cremation Jewelry Trends

Today there are many different ways to cherish the memory of a loved one regardless of if that loved one is a friend, close relative, or even a pet. The truth is that death hits everyone hard regardless of the type of death that you are faced to deal with. One of the best ways to cherish the memory of a lost love one today is via the purchase of cremation jewelry. In addition, if the idea of a small urn is too much for you or if you want to honor someone that was not cremated you can consider memorial jewelry.

The two terms are used interchangeably in many instances, but of course the primary difference between memorial jewelry and cremation jewelry is that cremation jewelry allows you to carry the ashes of your loved one with you at all times while memorial jewelry does not have this feature but instead allows you to carry something that allows you to honor the memory of your loved one. The decision of which one is better for you is up to you, but both of these items can be a great way to cherish your loved one after they pass on.

The charm of both cremation jewelry and memorial jewelry is that there are many new pieces on the market and most of them are aligned with both the new trends of the jewelry industry and the classic trends of the jewelry market so that you can choose an item that fits perfectly with your sense of style. While one does not usually equate style with honoring the memory of a loved one, the simple truth is that if you pick a piece you love you can wear it with anything and will likely get more joy out of it which is also coincidently what your loved one would have liked.

Both memorial and cremation jewelry items can be found in many forms including but not limited to brooches, necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and pins. The point is that you will want to choose something that is close to your heart so that you can keep them close to the special place that you hold in your own heart for them. If there is a particular memory that you hold dear, you may consider purchasing an item with a charm or urn designed in that shape.

Cremation jewelry in particular usually comes in the shape of beads or charms given the fact these items are best as urns. Lockets are also quite common with many people choosing a small locket that can hold a photo and a small amount of ashes so that they get the most out of the item. Some more sophisticated forms of cremation jewelry even have ashes worked into the actual design of the piece such as placing them under the glass of a bracelet or ring gem. Of course, those that do not want the ashes so visible can also have them hidden in the design without notice but still with meaning.

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