Portland Oregon Botox Treatments

Are you feeling a bit run down, is your face finally starting to show its age? Portland Botox Treatments provide a quick, effective solution that can help reduce the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles. Over time, your age, stress, worry and everyday environmental factors can take their toll on your face and make it look much older than it should. Botox treatments were first approved by the FDA in 1990 for the treatment of eye muscle spasms; however, its cosmetic value was quickly realized. Botox injections can be used to smooth out the wrinkles of the forehead, neck and face. The injections can be used to remove the crows feet that appear around the corners of our eyes as we get older. Botox is a drug made from a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It’s the same toxin that can cause a life-threatening type of food poisoning called botulism.

The Portland Botox Treatment is done with the main focus on smoothing out the lines and wrinkles of the face and neck. Injection treatments are usually brief and simple. First, the skin is usually treated with a topical numbing agent to help aid with discomfort, and some offices may even give you a light sedative as well but this is unusual. Botox injections work to smooth out wrinkles by weakening or paralyzing certain muscles. Under normal circumstances, to make a muscle contract, a nerve sends an electrical signal to the muscle. The point where the nerve and the muscle meet is called the neuromuscular junction. When the signal gets to the neuromuscular junction a chemical called acetylcholine is released from the nerve side of the junction and binds to the muscle side of the junction causing more chemical reactions that make the muscle contract. Botox works by blocking the acetylcholine receptors of the muscle preventing it from contracting. This blockage is NOT reversible, but the muscle slowly begins to rebuild the receptor sites allowing the muscles to contract again.

With the signals blocked by the injection, muscle can no longer contract, which causes the wrinkles to relax and soften. A Portland Botox Treatment generally takes only a few minutes and no anesthesia is required. A Dermatologist will inject a very small amounts of Botox in different, strategically located parts of the face. The Botox is injected with a very very fine needle into specific muscles with only minor discomfort. It generally takes three to seven days for the injections to take full effect. Although results may vary, the results of an individual treatment last for about 4 to 6 months. Most likely, you will probably be able to return to work or home immediately after the procedure. However, some care must be taken to keep the head upright and avoid massaging the treated area, so that the Botox affects only the desired areas.

As with any drug, there are side effects. There are also some groups of people who should never use Botox. These include pregnant and breastfeeding women and anyone suffering from a disease that affects the nerves or muscles, also there are certain medications that will react poorly with the injections so consult with a professional before receiving any treatments. People who regularly take antibiotics should not use Botox either because it can result in a adverse reaction. Side effects can range from minor pain at the injection site, to flu-like symptoms, or even headaches and upset stomach. Injections on the face may also cause temporary drooping of the eyelids or twitching of the eye, it may also cause you to squint or get double vision. Most all of these symptoms will generally clear up within the first couple weeks. If you or someone you love has used Botox and are experiencing any side effects whatsoever, seek an immediate and full medical evaluation.

More recently Botox injections have been recognized as valuable solutions for everything from excessive sweating to voice therapy. For constant sufferers of the severe headaches known as migraines, Botox injections are becoming well-known as a successful treatment for that as well. While injections haven’t been FDA-approved yet as a migraine treatment, Botox injections for headaches are commonly administered by doctors and plastic surgeons as a viable treatment option. Injection treatments for migraines are currently in Phase III of their clinical studies.

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