Power and Talent Unlimited at Mirachem-HTI Premier League & Carnival Masti


Energy and Skill Limitless at Mirachem-HTI Premier League &amp Carnival Masti

Entertaining-filled cricket bonanza – ‘Mirachem-HTI Premier League &amp Carnival Masti’ was held here at the Salvation College Grounds, Dadar (W), Mumbai. This year’s occasion was jointly organized by Aneel Murarka-owned Mirachem and Hospitality Education Institute (HTI).

Sponsored by Mirachem, the event was organized to celebrate HTI’s 12th Anniversary aiming to generate bond with various departments and hospitality organizations at a distinct level getting entertaining during cricket and carnival.

The event developed a platform on which hospitality’s corporate planet showcased their energy and abilities in the undisputable Indian religion, Box Cricket! Ten firms vied for the coveted trophy.
The cricket and carnival was attended by bigwigs from hospitality and celebrities added the element of glitz and glamour by participating in couple of games.
Few of the celebrities participated in the event are Sandhya Shetty, Aneel Murarka, Pooja Misrra, Bhairavi Goswami amongst other individuals. There was also a ‘Special Talk’ by Viveck Shettyy, Managing Director, Indus Communications on ‘Management Lessons from Cricket,’ at the occasion.

Viveck Shettyy spoke at length about the importance of major from the front, thinking out of the box and differentiating by citing actual life examples from the planet of cricket that involved the likes of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Arjuna Ranatunga and numerous other folks.He also waxed eloquent on the significance of adding worth to the organization rather than becoming just loyal .”Differentiate or Die ,” he concluded.

The 10 corporate hospitality teams participated in the complete-day event are: Vital Kamat Original Family members Restaurant, Pan-India Food Options, Ginger Hotels, Orchid Hotels, Mamagoto Ariva Hospitality, Kesri Tours, Vits Hotels, Oberoi Flight Solutions and the Yellow Chillis. These teams had been joined by Hotel Management College teams (6 girls + six boys) for wacko ‘n’ wild 1 – three minute competitive games like Giant Sack Race, Lemon ‘n’ Spoon Exchange, Dough Kneading, Salver Run and so on. Over Rs 2,00,000 worth gifts and costs were distributed at the end of this ‘laughter in abundance from the belly’ fun games.

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