Predictions on Economy for 2011

CNBC or the Consumer News and Business Channel is the recognized world leader in business news, providing real-time business information. Its’ website features business news, web-exclusive live video programming daily, topic-specific blogs, and real-time market analysis. Staffs and contributors have made considerable contribution to the development of the site. Their articles and predictions helps viewers and readers have closer look at U.S. economy and others around the world. From some 150 predictions compiled, take a look at CNBC’s boldest predictions.


America’s Inflation Problem Becomes Evident

Costs have been growing all over the world, and America is not an exception. Inflation not deflation will be in intelligentsia’s talks.


Crude Oil Prices Surge Past $ 100

According to Melissa Francis, the lower dollar and fundamentals are two main reasons why crude oil is likely to surpass $ 100. Economies’ recovery means more demand for light sweet crude.


The Fed Ends QE2 Program in June

According to Greg Valliere, the Federal Reserve will end its QE2 policy after purchasing Treasuries in June. The economy will expand nearly 3%, which helps ease pressure on the central bankers. In November, the Fed announced to spend $ 600 billion into government bonds to help invigorate the economy, buying the bonds at a rate of around $ 75 billion a month through the middle of 2011.


The Federal Reserve will end its QE2 policy after purchasing Treasuries in June.


Chinese Health Reform Will Drive Growth

China plans to rebuild its health care system by 2020. Its health reform will fuel investment in hospital expansion and medical equipment. CNBC reporter Bertha Coombs predicts that China’s spending on prescription  addicted medicines will rise over 20 percent over the next decades.


Ford Has Most Profitable Year Ever

Phil Lebeau, CNBC auto and airline industry reporter, says that Ford will crank up the profits in 2011.


U.S. Stock Prices Soar

Tony Fratto, former White House Spokeman, expects that Dow Jones will reach 14,000.


Consumers will return to spending.

“Sales will not only be better than last year but even mildly reminiscent of previous years.” — Michael Yoshikami




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