Preferred Islands of Indonesia to go for vacation

Indonesia is a country that is home to numerous islands, and it is the only country of the world with a huge number of islands. You can count up to 18,000 islands in total. You will find that there numerous attractions in each and every island, and some of these islands are more popular than others. You will find that once you visit Bali Island, you will find the famous Gunung Agung Volcano. This volcano Bali is 3142 meters tall, and has a deep and large crater in the middle, and is still active, meaning, you can see smoke and ash coming out. As you watch it from a distance, you will see that its shape is similar to a perfect pyramid. The last known eruption that happened to the volcano occurred between 1963 and 1964, and from the historic beginnings, the Hindu religion believed that it is in this volcano that the gods live. The supreme and sacred Pura Besakih temple on Bali Island is found on the 900th meter above sea level of this volcano.

Some time ago, there used to be a temple of an old religion, which was known to respect the sect of the dead. The volcano Bali is also a representation of the legendary hill of Meru and alleged “center of the globe”. You can reach the volcano’s top through numerous paths, but the one that most tourists prefer is the path beside the temple, because it offers the most striking view. It is good to start trekking early in the morning before the sun rises, because in the afternoon, you will find the volcano bali is buried in fog. It is also good to note that trekking in Bali Island is a quite exhaustive activity. As you prepare to start trekking, ensure that you are in good health, you have a warm jacket, comfortable shoes, and a rain coat just in case it rains on the way. Lombok is another island that is worth visiting and one that you should enjoy trekking in since it has magnificent areas to visit.

There is a famous mountain found in Lombok, known as Mount Rinjani. If you decide to visit Lombok Island, ensure that you trek all the way to the top of this mountain since you can enjoy some of the finest sceneries. The path leading to the mountain is tougher than the one at Bali, and trekking above the famous mountain requires around 2 to 5 days for you to be able to reach the top. You also need to be accompanied by porters carrying bags, food, and tents at a fee that is quite minimal. Trekking above this mountain, is ideal for any one who is out to test his or her condition both physically and mentally.
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