Pregnancy and Nausea Medical Studies Foretell the Fortunes of a Vomiting Pregnancy

Pregnancy and nausea can be worse than the hormonal swings and bouts of fatigue that are common symptoms and signs of pregnancy. Mums who have already been through a vomiting pregnancy are well aware that morning sickness builds up your personal inner strength and prepares you for the abrupt schedule interruptions that your new baby will undoubtedly bestow upon you. New mums will learn that morning sickness quickly matures into baby vomit on a brand new outfit whenever you’re running late.Developing the ability to smile and quickly head for the restrooms when your boss is outlining the details of a new million dollar project is not the only benefit of a morning sickness in your pregnancy.

A six year US medical study funded by the National Institute of Health involved the signs and symptoms of pregnancy – and in particular, pregnant women who experienced morning sickness. This medical study found that women who experienced a vomiting pregnancy had a 30% less chance of developing breast cancer in the future. This pregnancy related medical research from the University of Buffalo in New York dealt with the hormones of the breast tissue, which, much like the rest of a woman’s pregnant body, has hormones bouncing up and down as well. Morning sickness is an obvious sign that your generous baby has brought raging pregnancy hormones into your body (along with a few gallons of water and more than a few extra pounds). This US study gave evidence that some of these raging hormones actually develop into a profile that remains after pregnancy, and a woman going through a vomiting pregnancy can end up with the good fortune that her breast hormones are on a non-cancerous track – all because she has morning sickness when pregnant. That doesn’t mean that the hormones responsible for your morning sickness when pregnant will be with you the rest of your life.

Your morning sickness is merely an indicator that these life-saving hormones are present, and your life is headed to some good fortune. Morning sickness may feel as if it’s controlling your life, but it’s only temporary and will end. Before you know it, your baby will be controlling your life instead of your stomach, and you’ll be running for a baby bottle every morning instead of the toilet. And you’ll love it. Your baby might also be smarter for it. A 2009 Canadian Study reported in the Journal of Pediatrics found that morning sickness may benefit a baby’s long-term neuro-development. This six year study accounted for many factors in the life of mums, pregnancy, and babies, and found that the children of mums who experienced morning sickness had children that scored higher in verbal tests, numeric testing and IQ levels.

Struggling through a vomiting pregnancy has benefits for baby too. Morning sickness has fortunes for both babies and mums. Of course, there’s no greater fortune than your new baby, and whether you get morning sickness or not, the odds are in your favor of having a healthy, happy baby. Thanks to medical research, you can thank your vomit-inducing hormones for their extra protection, and you can thank your nausea for the gift of life.