Press Release Templates “?” Get Your Story Out Faster And Easier

If you have a small business then you already know how important it is to promote your organization and get both your brand and your story in front of as many new people as possible. New customers and new business are the keys to not only surviving, but also growing. New business opportunities are the life blood of any successful organization. An aggressive press release campaign can garner valuable exposure very cost effectively.

You may think that press releases are only for large corporations but nothing could be further from the truth. If your business has a piece of news that can benefit your target audience, then you have the foundation of a press release that can bring publicity and subsequent new sales.

There are literally dozens of news outlets, both off line and online, that routinely publish small business releases. To have the best chance at getting coverage, the press release must be newsworthy, timely, accurate and professional. There are some standard formats for press releases that should be followed to make it easy for editors to spot the news angle.

Take the drudgery out of preparing releases

To use news releases as a regular part of a public relations strategy, then one time saving solution is to create some boilerplate press release templates so you dont have to reinvent the wheel each time.

Press release templates offer the ability to set up recurring information such as business name, address, website and media contacts, making them a one-time entry. The template can have standard, accepted formatting that again, you will not have to do each time.

Look for a PR kit or PR toolkit that offers press release templates that demonstrate accepted formatting and press release structure. Your release can appear like it was sent by a PR firm, with the correct structure and formatting, along with a great news angle sure to attract interest. While you must still have a solid news angle, putting the information into a valuable press release template can lead to more attention and better coverage.