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I started to contemplate all the other techniques Augusta tampers with the atmosphere–the dyed blue water, the way they ice the azaleas in a warm year to make confident they never bloom prior to the television cameras arrive, the piped-in birdsong CBS has utilised to atone for the lack of actual flying creatures. Even the minor details reek of fanaticism the green sandwich wrappers, specially planned so the rogue escapees can be seen standing out against the green grass on Tv … the tape that goes over the Coca-Cola logos at the concession stand in a move that is more about Augusta’s tremendous ego than any correct anti-industrial instincts, because Bobby Jones made a killing in Coke as an investor.

These deceptions have no human toll. Media relations, on the other hand, have turn out to be significantly less cordial because the early days. The glorified cattle pen they placed me in on Friday for post-round interviews was the least of my concerns, since the threat of banishment is very genuine, and quite constant. In 66, they booted the announcer Jack Whitaker for calling a construction of fans a mob the club prefers the term patrons. Gary McCord famously joked that the club utilized bikini wax on the greens, which led Tom Watson to rat hi am out. McCord hasn’t been back since, which is so petty it makes my head spin and there are smaller stories of journalists getting kicked out for sending a text message actions outdoors the media centre a fate that befell Westwood one’s Charlie Rymer or players wives being detained in special buildings for obtaining the audacity to take images at the par-three contest. SIs Alan Shipnuck was after banned for a year for following the champion into Butler Cabin for the final interview which is to say, doing his job as a function writer.On my initial day, I discovered that they did even trust us to stroll to the media centre on our own, opting to drI veus by cart from the entrance as an alternative and when I walked on a patch of grass to attain the cart, an employee yelled at me to keep on the paved path. Big Bedroom other is everywhere for the patrons, the list of rules and regulations is so extensI veas to be absurd, as Bill Pennington pointed out in The Most recent York Instances in 2013There is so significantly you can’t do at Augusta National it is a wonder the spot was not named the Nation Club of No.
No operating anyplace on the grounds. No sitting on the grass near the greens. No bare feet even when sitting down. No chairs with arms. No folding chairs. No flags. No indicators. No banners. No coolers. No strollers. No radios. No standing in officially designated sitting region s. No sitting in the standing region s. No cameras. No rigid chairs. No hats worn backward. No metal golf spikes. No outsize hats. No cartsandabsolutely no lying down anywhere Member’s arent immune their dues modify year by year with no warning, depending on what the club happens to need and anybody can be evicted at any time without explanation. Stories such as the following float round the ether at Augusta A member bedroom a guest who does not behave with the proper reverence for the club, and at the end of the year, stated member receives a letter in the mail. Thank you for your membership at Augusta National, it says. We wish you the finest going forward and that that.