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Editorial: Pure is a new color version of the arrival and Nokia Has always been in love with a black version Mobile , E66 (Parameters offer picture comments) Will launch Pure black version is also in reason, the arrival of prices and any other color difference, greatly increasing the people for this black version of the buy. After gray silver

add another white, and now it came to the final highlight of the Nokia favorite pure black appearance, E66 is the Nokia Eseries family return to mainstream mobile phone market in China two starting models in one, The popularity is obviously not as good as another Eseries family of phones E71, popular areas are relatively weak. Version of pure black gold will come in the end will not necessarily increase the popularity of this E66 it? This is only a paragraph to know a few, but one of the comparison, the Nokia E66 is also definitely a good smart phone business is relatively good position, and slide the fashion colors are also added to its commercial promise and little public different, and now the price of a number of suitable than before, the black edition is only sold at 2,360 yuan.

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But for the moment, compared with the E71 is the E66 will be similar to the price of one of the greatest difficulties, although little difference in function between the two, but after all the more popular people strong, in some degree of contrast, the E66 is clearly in a vulnerable under. Under the simple to describe this E66, 13.6mm slim body mixed with metal shell, slide the handle, and navigation keys Department is setting up a shortcut to a variety of functions for the operation of business people.

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Silver, white and black, three colors comprehensive arrival, I believe that will add a lot of its popularity, multi-color choice combined with high configuration itself known Eseries family, is indeed a very good match. 16.7 million color resolution of 240 320 pixel TFT screen, built-in with 3.2 million pixel camera, supports GPS navigation, Bluetooth And MicroSD memory card functions, the E66 is revised machine is of a WiFi wireless Internet access, and catch the Symbian operating system, the menu is already with a number of different Software And third-party software, online mass support, how enviable.

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In the end the relative ratio with E71, is there any point as it? E71 is to shape the design of the main distinctive enough, and the candy bar design has been the most popular Nokia phones, but from the E66 is a slide with a noble taste, can be said to have genuinely good. Black and white with an estimated number of couples start to make a little bit of the impulse of the bar, but the price more for the next city, is the E66 kingly way to go.

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