Prime five Concert Acts of 2007 – How Numerous Have you Noticed Reside

At any given time right here in the United States, there are more than 2000+ diverse concert acts at present on tour. With so numerous musical acts to decide on from, how does the average concertgoer narrow down the list to those acts that are really worth seeing reside and up close?

Utilizing the existing total gross ticket sales numbers from the most current problem of BillBoard Magazine, the following report takes a look at the Best five most well-liked (presently touring as of November, 2007) concert acts of 2007 in terms of all round concert ticket sales.

If your looking to attend a concert in the close to future, take some of the guesswork out of the selection by choosing from one particular of the under currently touring acts. Millions of satisfied concert-goers can not be wrong.

1. Hannah Montana: Hannah Montana is currently touring with the Jonas Brothers as well as her own Hannah Montana &amp Miley Cyrus: Best of Each Worlds Tour. The show’s non-quit choreography, lighting, and costume modifications only add to the exceptional lyrics and singing. The high-tech presentation gives you multiple massive screens for additional views and fireworks add to the excitement. The crowd pleasing Hannah even struts her stuff on a crowd splitting ramp that puts her as close to her fans as attainable. The Jonas Brothers are a treat themselves, but when combined with Hannah, it genuinely becomes a show to bear in mind.

2. Billy Joel: Along with a list of Rock and Roll stars coming back to tour this year is the Piano Man, Billy Joel. From the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to the tiny piano bar sets he began in, Billy Joel nevertheless has the identical sharp piano fingers that he had in his younger days. Pulling out some old, seldom heard songs, and new songs alike, the performer shows that he is nonetheless at it, and so is his band with Carl Fischer on trumpet/flugelhorn and Mark Rivera on Sax there is small missing from the original sound. With a rotating piano and a piano cam at his fingers, there is practically nothing you will miss in this tribute to a lot of years of rock and roll.

three. The Police: An oldie, but a goodie, the Police are back at it again with their new tour Fiction Plane. Their Paris, France, twin concert shows sold-out with gross sales of over $ 15,000,000 (Reuters) displaying that they are nevertheless as well-known as ever. Right after all these years Sting’s voice is still holding strong and the Police have added some new twists to your old favorites. Andy’s guitar riffs are brilliant and Stewart is all over the stage with drums and crowd interaction. This is a great show for music fans of all ages.

four. Fall Out Boy: Moving into the spotlight and out of their post-hardcore scene Fall Out Boy has expanded their sound to contain pop, r&ampb, and an occasional ballad. This band puts on an immersive show of pyrotechnics and projected content material to enliven all your senses. The band’s suburban Chicago-style sound, contrasts nicely with every member’s disparate character and their easy to sing-a-lengthy choruses only add to the audience knowledge common at their concerts.

5. Bruce Springsteen: With two sold out shows at Madison Square Garden last month grossing more than $ 2 Million (, at 58, Springsteen shows that “The Boss still has it. With age and knowledge he brings a soulful abandonment to his new album “Magic” that attests to the vitality of rock and roll. Searching for all that we have lost or missed thru our years, Springsteen touches the hearts and minds of concert goers moving thru the compromises and disillusionment of life. The rambling keyboards, the electric guitar high-lights, and the raging piano solos give way to a slow melancholy Irish folk song that leaves you gliding across the moors on your journey home.

A concert, any concert, ought to be an expertise to be felt. The ticket holder need to not only be a spectator, but an active participant riding on the tails of the musical notes. With any excellent concert there is the emotional high, the physical exhaustion, and the mental stimulation to relive the concert thru every single repeat chorus you hear on the radio thereafter.

The above leading 5 acts are definitely worth seeing this holiday season and are all nicely worth your time. As numerous of us remember from our really first concert so several years ago, practically nothing is a lot more exciting then seeing your favorite artist or band live on stage singing your favored songs. It truly is an knowledge of a lifetime.
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