Private Pilot License – Requirements For Pre Solo Flights

If you have begun your research into becoming a licensed private pilot then you have discovered that there are two major training segments that you must complete. First the pre solo segment then the post solo segment.

Of course, it stands to reason that there are many things you must learn and become proficient in before you attempt your first solo. After all, once you reach this stage there is no room for error. Safety no matter what segment of training you are at must be the priority.

Qualified flight instructors are very adept at judging whether an individual is ready to move onto solo. If they are not at that stage yet but have completed the pre solo segment then that particular student can be moved onto the post solo requirements. Although this is nothing something many schools will do, it is a very feasible possibility. The solo hours can be concluded after this part. Quite often, the biggest stumbling block to not flying solo is the insecurities experiences with the landings. In cases such as this, extra flights are a good solution. This is where an added expense may occur if you did not count on extra flights.

So you are faced with the two segments as we mentioned which is the aeronautical knowledge and then once that has been successfully completed you move on to aeronautical experience. It makes common sense that a thorough knowledge of flying requirements be well absorbed before a would be pilot takes to the air.

It does not matter how much an individual loves to fly when they become the one behind the controls there is bound to be a certain amount of insecurity seep in to begin with. It is up to the instructors to know exactly what level of knowledge and confidence their students are at. The Pilot in training logbook becomes the most important record of knowledge and experience when it comes to their completion of qualifications and training. Everything they learn and do must be recorded here. Every requirement of training must be noted and signed by the training instructor. Without the logbook, being properly completed there is no point in even attempting to qualify for your license. There is no overlooking any of the requirements. The examiners are strict and rigid on their demands.

Do not try to cut yourself short on your studies for pre solo requirements. If you take this segment of your course lightly then there is a good chance you are not going to progress past this point. That means you will never acquire your private pilots license and you have wasted your money. Flying is a very serious responsibility and priviledge. Therefore, all aspects of training including both theory and practical must be approached in that manner. It is natural to want to get up in that plane totally on your own as quickly as possible. It can only be done with safety being the priority. It is worth taking the time to complete your studies as efficiently as possible.
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