Proactiv Reviews: Its True Face Underneath all the Celebrity Advertisements

Among the many brands of acne fighting products out in the market, Proactiv is probably one of the most advertised of all. By ‘advertise’ we mean that it is being advertised by well-known celebrities who claim that the brand solved their lifetime worries of acne. Basically, Proactiv is a product which consists of three parts namely the cleanser, toner, and repairing lotion. These three are only the base package, however, and Proactiv still recommends their users an additional oil remover or moisturizer to go with these. The main denominator of the products under Proactiv’s name is benzoyl Peroxide which is a pretty infamous ingredient in the acne-fighting industry.

Looking at Proactiv reviews from users who’ve actually tried the product, we saw that the majority of the comments lean on the negative side. There are people who claimed that their acne got better when they started using it but after a short period of time their case got worse again. Other Proactiv reviews also claim that the product is a little too drying for the skin. There are also cases wherein the users claim that after using the brand, their acne just got even more irritated, causing their pimples to turn bright red and even more noticeable.

Despite of all these negative reviews, the worse of Proactiv reviews attack its main ingredient which is benzoyl peroxide. Once known for its effectiveness, the FDA changed its status from being a Category I (safe) in 1995 to Category III (safety unknown) due to the invasive side effects it cause on the skin. One example of evidence is a case of test mice which have developed cancer after being exposed to this ingredient. It also causes too much drying and irritation of the skin which sometimes cause the acne to further severe.

Overall, in a total of 10 Proactiv reviews, there are only 2 which express positive results. In other words, the elaborate advertising that this brand does is only done as an effort to cover up for all the complaints it receives from actual users.


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