Professional medical Carelessness and Breast Cancer

Several women unfortunately face and will continue to face an ironic battle with the breast cancer during their lifetime. The figures currently available put the total number of diagnoses for breast cancer to around 44,000 per annum.

In spite of this worrying statistic report, most of the women are also becoming aware of the disease and are getting it detected at early stages and are fighting it. If we see figures, over past few years, the death rate due to breast cancer has come down. It has also been noticed that in some cases even after early detection, this fact was overlooked by the doctor. This reduced the chances of any recovery in these women as it was not possible at late stages of the disease.

The detection of breast cancer starts with getting to know about some lump in the breast area. The doctor would then examine the lump and would recommend it’s testing to diagnose whether it is cancerous or is normal and would heal with time. Mammogram or biopsy is done for the same.

Some of the physicians generally refer the patients to some specialist. Another important sign of cancer could be some unusual discharge from the breast nipple of women. All these involve further testing to see as to where the problem is. The carelessness on part of doctors occurs when these symptoms are there but he somehow fails to follow up and gather more information through tests diagnosis.

If the patient indeed is suffering from breast cancer then this delay on part of doctor could prove to be a killer. Wrong positive diagnosis of patient on the other hand could be counterproductive as though patient may not be having breast cancer, yet he will have to undergo expensive treatments and surgeries which were never required.

A case for medical negligence is made when the doctor either misdiagnosed the problem or delayed the diagnosis leading to the serious situation for the parent. So, in order to have a successful medical claim the patient needs to prove that they received the care which was below the accepted standards. A wrong diagnosis or long wait for diagnosis will satisfy this principle.