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==> Grab Your Spot At The “Oracle Trader ” Webinar

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– Joyce: AWESOME information, not a waste of time AT ALL!

– Peter A: Very impressed with your webinar, picked up heaps of info.

– Christine L: This has been extremely helpful – not least because it showed   me that you can’t play around with this intelligent stuff… Very well presented and honest!

– Alf: I walk away a lot wiser on the OracleTrader, so now it is on to the welcome email and traders room to try it all out and start on the education part.

– Dean W: Very good webinar.  I like it!

– Daan: Thanks Dustin and Ryan … I learned a lot today!

– Carol S: Thanks so much for doing this – very informative!

– Donna M: Feels like a very honest presentation with nothing hidden. I’m looking forward to trying this out for real and making some money…

– Asim S: It definitely benefited me, very informative session!

– Arunkumar: Yes…I liked the way you explained each and every thing!

– Mike S: Very professionally done. A well documented system with low risk and potentially high reward. THANKS!

– W M: I thought the webinar was good!

– Joseph R: Interesting presentation. Take care…

– E.J.: Thank you very much I have enjoyed it

– Peter A: Hi Dustin thanks for a great webinar this was my second session back to back!

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==> Grab Your Spot At The “Oracle Trader ” Webinar

TOMORROW is two of our most profitable trades of the month – the US Non-Farm Payroll report and the CAD Employment figures – this webinar will get you ready to profit from them!

The US NON-Farm Payroll  Last did 75 pips just on the opening move and lots of traders made more than this, closer to 100 pips.  The month before that it did 52 pips on the initial move,  and in July it did 100 pips, so this trade has an a awesome track record!

The Canadian Employment Figures last month it didn’t hit our triggers, but in August it did about 60 pips, and in July it moved 80 pips, so that’s another really strong trade you’ll want to get in on!

We will also be giving out the link on the webinar where you can download the free version of OracleTrader, so you can see for yourself how it works!!