Prostate Cancer Facts That Many Don’t Know

Almost every organ or tissue in the body can be infected by some kind of cancer, and your prostate gland is by no means exempted from that list. Close to three hundred thousand men are diagnosed with the condition each year, and more than thirty thousand die of the disease or its complications.

It is dangerous also because there aren’t a lot of really serious symptoms of the disease; that’s why lots of men have it for many years without even knowing. Yes, there are lots more people who aren’t even aware that they have the condition, than those who are aware.

Fortunately, few men under the age of fifty ever contract prostate cancer, and because the progression of the syndrome is so slow, folks tend to die naturally or of other causes before they get complications from prostate cancer. This however does not absolve the disease of any of the other crimes that it commits on your body.

Prostate cancer symptoms include – difficult and painful urination, frequent urination, bloody urine or semen, lower back pain, pelvic and thigh soreness, and some bone pain, which may indicate that it has spread to other organs.

The problem with these symptoms is that they are common indicators of a lot of other diseases, so your best bet is to go see a doctor for proper diagnosis.

But of course, it’s not all gloom when it comes to prostate cancer. There’s also good news; in fact the good news seems to be the best among other types of cancers. With prostate cancer, unlike other types of cancers, you have the “time” to get treated and healed, especially if the cancer is found in good time.

That’s the major reason it’s highly recommended to go for yearly or even twice or more times tests for prostate cancer. This will help you detect and start treating the condition in good time… before it spreads dangerously to other parts of your prostate and even other parts of your body.

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you NOT to bother with prostate cancer with the lame excuse that it’s an “old” people illness that might not manifest in your lifetime. Even though it does take a pretty long time for it to manifest in some people and some people even die without it manifesting, it might not be so for you.

It’s best to try to get rid of any cancer in the prostate because you might live as old as 90 or more years and the cancer can get dangerous in your 70s. So, the sooner it’s detected and battled, the better for you.

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