Pure Censorship

I am quite alarmed at what I am sensing is pure censorship. Maybe censorship is not the correct word but what do you call it when the media and political parties won’t include opposing views, especially when those opposing views are coming from viable candidates running for President of a supposedly free country named America? How can we encourage other countries to allow democracy and a free election process when we ourselves are not allowing candidates to participate in debates or giving equal coverage?

Whether you agree with these candidates or not is NOT the issue, the issue IS whom is choosing who can be in the debates? Our freedom is in jeopardy when this happens.

In a recent Republican debate in Michigan Allen Keyes was excluded. Why? He has as much of a right as any to make a case why he should be the next President. Shouldn’t the people decide not the media or controlling interests? Isn’t that what communist countries have done for years, silence the opposition or vilify them? This is happening here quite frequently, usually as an election nears, someone is always exposing a supposed scandal.

Has the media in America become so slanted we should no longer trust or believe what they say or write? For instance an article from the AP about the Republican presidential hopefuls meeting on Mackinac Island, Michigan on September 22, 2007, mentioned Romney, Thomas, Giuliani, and McCain and then went on to say two underdog GOP candidates addressed the group; three others were absent. WHAT? Two underdog candidates! Is that fair reporting not to at least give the names of the others present? Who are they to say months before the primary opens and campaigning still in its early stages that anyone is an underdog? What makes an underdog? Lack of money, personal connections or is it deeper?

Then in the October 11, 2007 edition of Time they had a voters guide for the 2008 election. The last line of the short introductory story before they showed the candidates was, Here we present the top-tier finalists for the job. Top-tier finalists for the job? Finalists? How can there then be any finalists? Was any preliminary primary held that we are left with the finalists? What about Ron Paul or Mike Huckabee? Even with very limited coverage, where the average person is still not familiar or has little knowledge of Huckabee or Paul, they have been drawing support. Recently Ron Paul raised $ 4.2 million in a 24 hour period! Whats even more incredible is that the donations being raised come from individuals ONLY not corporations which Ron Paul will not accept. As for Mike Huckabee he has steadily risen in the polls and is currently battling Romney for the top spot in Iowa. Can you imagine where both of those candidates would be in the standings if they were given equal coverage?

Furthering this argument, there was another debate few people know about and I believe wasn’t aired on any of the channels, cable or non cable. I had to view it on the Internet. It was the Value Voters debate held in Florida in September of this year. Who didn’t attend? The big four of the Republican Party, McCain, Giuliani, Thompson and Romney and of course NO Democrats. Both parties have abandoned the conservative right. Doesn’t this alone make you question what is going on here? Is the top tier candidates, as the media likes to call them, closer in their ideology then is let on? Do some research on the Council of Foreign Relations which the top candidates of both parties belong to along with many major corporations. Could this be part of the globalist agenda?

But it does seem people are finally starting to realize what is going on and looking closer at the other candidates not being mentioned or very little. In Iowa for instance where Romney has already spent $ 4 million in advertising is barely ahead of Mike Huckabee who’s war chest is so small he has placed very few if any ads.

Let hope this trend continues where people are researching for themselves who the candidates are and where they stand. Lets also hope America speaks loud and clear that they will not allow the media, party elites or money to pick the winners in any race. America has been fooled to many times in the past with the media portraying a candidate other than what he really is, maybe this time it will change.

Carey K. Masci