Put A New Skin On Your Bedroom Using Curtains

If you want a romantic, personalized bedroom, then covering all the walls with curtains could be an elegant, still, very original solution.

To be able to dream or to put fantasies in practice, humans need special decors and special arrangements, able to fire their conformism. Many socio-psychologists consider people as actors, so, there is no wonder why old bedrooms had so much in common with theater decors, with their canopy and special corners and special curtains which covered secret paths. A dormitory was always a place where people dreamt and escaped reality.

To convert the ponderous aspect of walls and to design a royal and romantic space, it is enough to add draperies all over the room and place the entire furniture in front of those curtains. Like that, the space will appear like a scene where every role is dignified. It reflects elegance and sensuality. Not all the curtains have to be identical. Heavy materials like velvet can be counteracted with silk curtains on other walls. Behind these delicate materials, sources of light are needed on the wall. The rays will be defused through the folds of the curtains and the light itself will be soft and surrealistic.

If you need space and romance at the same time, have some shelves cover with two curtains of some heavy material. The chick impression will create a sense of elegance. You could cover your table with the same type of material and even place it instead of your blanket. The unity will look stylish and romantic at the same time. Curtains could be embellished with pearls and embroideries. A smooth lamp placed behind the curtains will create the impression of mystery.

A royal place can be arranged in just a few moments if you buy curtains with embroideries and use their folds as backdrop of your furniture, hiding parts of the walls and adding value on different objects that will be dignified from now on. Light and shadows can be trained as you want if you buy the right curtains.
Sabung Ayam
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