Qipai Group Held A “winter 2009 New Release”

Recently, the “passion beyond three years” as the theme Qipai Winter 2009 New conference and 30th anniversary of the glorious celebration of the Xiamen International Exhibition Center was held. Thus opened the Fujian Qipai Group Limited off thirtieth anniversary celebration.

Qipai New 2009 Winter Conference It is reported that the new conference Qipai Winter 2009 by the Chinese Clothing Industry attention. As the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the founder of Raise the Flag etiquette clothing, Qipai Group to create the “Chinese Collar” and other products, unique in the world fashion industry to create a nation Men Line of high end fashion brands. In 2009, the “to win the confidence of the future” brand slogan put forward, show confidence Qipai Group Gaoqing flag, led the men to attack the industry downturn to win the future.

News conference, Fujian Qipai Group Co., Ltd. Mr. Chairman Hong Zhao established the presence of guests and media alike, recalled the three years of development Qipai Group ups and downs, to show the Qipai Group 30 years to develop the brilliant achievements, and in order to respond to national rejuvenation Textile Industry’s call, first started in the industry of “to win the confidence of the future” revival of men’s trade campaign.

Night celebration at the party, the strength to sing well-known Feng Wang also came to congratulate, to the scene Qipai Proxy And dealers sang, blew the audience. In Feng Wang “full bloom of life,” “fly high” and popular inspirational anthem, the 200 award winners more than charm accepted the honor on Jan. 1, it is their contribution over the years and most certainly Qipai.

With confidence to win the next 30 years span

30 years, Qipai Group achieved a garment from the Taiwanese hand before the workshop to the top ten enterprises in China brand men’s cross. To 2008, the National Sell Has reached more than 2,300 stores and sales network throughout the country, and for 7 years, sales revenue, total profit ranked the top ten before the garment industry. This is also Qipai people 30 years of unremitting progress, control of timing, confidence to win the best reflection of the success.

National Textile Industry Association, Du Chau, the development of the Qipai was sure, he thought, Qipai representative as a national brand, a profound influence and promote the development of China’s garment industry, and accelerate China’s apparel brands to the world process. Based on culture, fashion and traditional clothing, Chinese clothing brand bigger and stronger one of the core ideas, Qipai three decades of exploration, innovation is a core expression of this idea.

To win the confidence of the future of the Chinese passion vogue

The next show on the new release by the Commerce series, urban style, outdoor recreation, Cowboy And Qi and commemorative limited edition series consisting of five new autumn new style of men’s, interpretation of the “Memory, Imagination, progressive, future, and achieve the” five themes, five major themes of each word in the course of development throughout the period, not just Qipai Group on behalf of the 30-year struggle, but also on behalf of 30 years of reform and development of Chinese social life and economic developments. Designers use the combination of dream and reality of performance practices to enable people from the clothing produced in association with the United States infinite memories, people feel a kind of quiet dignity and a life of ideas, a pursuit of life, demonstrates Qipai Men always looking for fashion, honor, and cultural attributes.

Qipai Men’s clothing has always been a symbol of Chinese men. “Men, we should point their relentless,” “heart of man to a woman” full of pride and the truth of these Advertisement Language known. International superstar Jet Li as endorsements Qipai Chinese collar to vigorous, generous, refined determination of the Chinese interpretation of male-specific temperament head. In 2008, the Qipai create a “blue and white collar,” the Olympic flag raisers ceremonial dress dazzling debut on the Beijing Olympic Games, but also the rise in China, the “Fashion China” clothing trend, completely changed the Chinese men’s domination of the market by the suit pattern.

Qipai people with superior strength and professional attitude will be “Qipai,” to “high quality” synonymous. Qipai the Chinese collar suit, jacket, casual wear, shirts, T shirts products to style, fashion, classic style, known for exquisite workmanship, highlights the elegant, confident style of Chinese men have become literate and responsible good taste of the new ideal male fashion focus.

Passion across three decades CHAMC “In order to win confidence in the future” is Hong Zhao development based on confidence in the future Qipai layout: “Our confidence stems from China’s economy survive the confidence and the state of the textile and apparel industry support. In 2009, with the introduced the country’s textile industry to adjust the new revitalization plan, textile and apparel industry has been positioned as one of the livelihood of the major industries. the future, Qipai will also usher in greater development of so. “

This, Qipai Group ready, and gradually improve their strategic layout. The next few years, Qipai at headquarters, Italy and France to build R & D base, and the new national logistics warehousing center, advanced suit production lines, advanced jacket line, the establishment of the Chinese stand-collar companies and Qipai leather goods company, fully expanded clothing series, the depth of opening up domestic high-end apparel consumer market, subsequently enter the international market.

This year in January, Qipai Group has moved its marketing center fashion, the beautiful Xiamen, about this set up, said chairman Hong Zhao: Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone as the country’s core cities, Xiamen is bound to national and cross-strait economic development has played an irreplaceable role. Qipai center of the home security market here is to take the weather, geography, and the platform to grow faster and better themselves.

“Established Chinese fashion, cast-class enterprise, create world famous brand” in the future remains Qipai grand strategic objectives. As Mr. Hong Zhao located said: “Qipai” one cut, a needle, first-line “, the representative of perseverance, hard studying, solidarity and cooperation of the business content is Qipai who dare to explore, strengthen self-confidence, forge ahead spirit of the miniature. For the future, we are confident in the future, Qipai brand concept will not change, Qipai bring Chinese men’s fashion style will not change, Qipai achieve to create “shoulder to shoulder in the world of men’s” confidence will not change. We I believe all Qipai will win again with a brilliant 30 years. “

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