Qualcomm Details the Next-Gen Snapdragons

Qualcomm is known website marketing . a key player inside the ultraportable CPU market featuring a Snapdragon range regarding processors being the most widely used mobile or portable PC platforms. What’s making news now is the fact that Qualcomm is striving at something above the current market standard of CPU speeds.

Reportedly, Qualcomm has underneath the works processors regarding clock speeds more than 1GHz. In actuality, the company has briefed a variety of technical analysts on its future plans and has also named a good number of products slated being launched in the not too distant future. Amongst these, the primary ones to arrive could be two 1. A COUPLE OF GHz dual-core CPUs. Supposedly, both these processors, codenamed MSM8260 and 8660 will feature two Scorpion cores and also an Adreno 205 GPU over a single 45nm perish. For 3G followers, the 8260 shall be enabled with HSPA+ plus the 8660 laptop charger will include things like HSPA+ support along with CDMA2000 and 1xEV-DO Rev. B.

In addition to this, Qualcomm also revealed insights into a next-generation Snapdragon platform which will be built while using 28nm process. First up inside new Snapdragon family would be your MSM8960 CPU that will pack in a couple of next-generation processor cores, thus giving this a 5X performance advantage in the current generation CPUs plus a 75 percent decrease in power consumption. The business also adds that it’s taking care of enhancing its GPU efficiency by approximately about 4 times in which of what that they make now. Qualcomm does look to offer some definitely tempting improvement stats but only real-world experiment figures will determine its capabilities should the new products will be launched.

It is what of past if Qualcomm chips used to be on the touch screen phones only. Popular tablets like Dell Streak and also Huawei S7 use processors made by the American company, and as that clock speed increases along with entering into the particular two-core zone – items can only get exciting after that.

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