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Fairtex is a respected brand name with a proud history in Thailand throughout the latter half of the twentieth century. Beginning in the 1970’s, the company started supplying Thai fighters with t-shirts and apparel. Fairtex Chairman Philip Wong also established a Muay Thai Camp in his homeland for the duration of this time to give young males an opportunity to learn martial arts and rise above poverty.

Because then, the Fairtex brand has expanded to consist of a comprehensive collection of apparel, accessories, and training equipment primarily for boxers and martial artists. Consequently, they have earned a reputation as an superb supplier of Fairtex gloves, shorts, and shirts, as nicely as supports and instruction equipment for the scores of men and females who compete in arenas around the world.

A single of the locations where the company excels is in specialist-top quality Fairtex instruction gear. Items like head guards, shin pads, handwraps, heavy bags and pads employed in coaching. Their Common Thai Pads are just one of the essential tools fighters use to practice kicks and punches at full force without having the fear of injury. These pads have four layers of high-density foam for maximum shock absorption, and also have kind fitted handles for much better manage during practice.

An additional important component of the company’s clothes line is a healthful selection of exclusive Fairtex shorts. Their Muay Thai shorts, for one, are second to none, bearing the standardized design elements that MMA fighters expect at the highest levels of competition.

Their satin shorts are created in sizes to match waists in between twenty-six and forty inches, and come in an infinite assortment of colors. They come in an infinite variety of colors that appeal to each sexes. Every pair is hand-created in Thailand, with extra leg space for maximum freedom of movement, and a flexible spandex waistband.

If you want Fairtex shorts specifically made for MMA athletes, their All Sport Shorts are the excellent solution that can be utilised in the ring or on the street. They are produced with a rapid-dry microfiber fabric that breathes well and keeps you dry, with an attractive embroidered logo on one particular leg. They come in blue, brown, and white, and the classic look allows you to match a shirt with far more detail to appear your ideal throughout a title match.

It is also worth mentioning that Fairtex gloves are deemed by a lot of to be the greatest in the company for mixed martial arts. They supply the a lot of distinct varieties of fighters with higher-good quality gloves for training, sparring, boxing, and Muay Thai. MMA fighters will discover their Ultimate NHB series and Sparring Gloves to be the most proper for their wants. They have multi-layer foam core padding reinforcements, wraparound wristbands, and genuine leather shells to safeguard the fighter’s most worthwhile asset – his hands.

Shoppers will find Fairtex education gear to bear the marks of consistent quality and dedication that make loyal customers out of first-time buyers. The company’s long-standing tradition in developing martial arts as a sport and life-style, as effectively as their manufacturing empire, are the items that give them and and their followers a winning edge, in terms of enterprise and personal good results.
This Is Life In A Thai Jail: Face Death Or Madness

Life in Jail: Hazardous at the best of occasions, we see inside some of the world’s most terrifying prisons, in Thailand.

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In the dim light of Huge Tiger prison, guys lie prime to toe in overcrowded cells. New inmates sit idly jangling their feet irons, place-on them to decrease the prison suicide price. Amongst these guys is Lyle Doniger who with Deborah Spinner and Jane McKenzie smuggled in their bodies 10 heroin-packed condoms from Sydney to Thailand in 1996. These 3 Australian junkies gambled with Thailand’s famously difficult smuggling laws and lost. “I was under the influence of drugs,” says Jane, “we truly didn’t think just before we took the actions we did.” In Thai law they are deemed fortunate, the mandatory death sentence for heroin trafficking was commuted to a 50-year jail term. Lyle is afraid he’ll go mad. “Most foreigners hit a wall at about six to eight years so I am actually sweating it.” In the women’s prison, Deborah laments her loss. “My son is 5 now. He doesn’t even bear in mind me… that breaks my heart.” In these cells thousands of miles from property they should serve their time alone.

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