Questions You Asked On The E-cigarette

Electronic cigarette or e-cigarette, as it is usually called, is an alternative to traditional cigarettes. Steadily growing in popularity, e-cigs are designed to simulate the smoking experience as closely as possible whilst providing an effective means of nicotine delivery. They offer several benefits over conventional cigarettes such as not containing tar or carbon monoxide, cost savings, avoidance of smoking bans and no lingering smoke smell.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding electronic cigarettes:

How does it give the feeling of a real cigarette?

The e-cigarette is activated when the smoker inhales into the electronic cigarette cartridge, which is modeled on the real cigarette. The micro chip in the e-cigarette battery is activated when the smoker inhales, giving the sensation of inhaling an actual cigarette. The e-cigarette is used similarly to an actual cigarette allowing you to inhale and exhale. What is produced is not actually smoke but a nicotine containing vapour that has been generated by the electronic cigarette.

How to choose an e-cigarette?

E-cigarette technology is fairly new and you need to be sure that you know what you are looking for. Here are some areas to look at when purchasing your electronic cigarette.

* Compare different products. You can do this online on several product review sites. You can also visit the websites of various brands and get information regarding the features available.
* Check whether the e-cigarette cartridges are refillable. If you are not keen on refilling, get informed as to which cartridges are available where you reside, or can be easily ordered online.
* Avoid buying e-cigarettes from non specialist sites. You need to make sure the expertise and support is available when you need this.
* Search for coupon codes if purchasing online. These will help you save money. Coupon codes are often listed in electronic cigarette forums. It is well worth the time to search for coupon codes for the brands that you prefer.
* Purchase the e-cigarette starter kit when initiating the product. Most e-cigarette manufacturers offer an electronic cigarette starter kit which generally includes one or two e-cig batteries, an atomizer, a battery charger and cartridges.

How to refill an electronic cigarette with e-liquid?

You can purchase pre-filled e-cigarette refills from many online retailers, or you could refill the cartridges on your own. The process for refilling cartridges is actually very simple and can save even more money over time. Just follow the step-by-step instructions to do the task:

1. Open the blank or empty cartridge.
2. Remove the plug from the end of the cartridge if applicable.
3. Inside the cartridge is a liquid container which holds the fluval or wool substance.
4. Open the E Liquid bottle
5. Use the E Liquid dropper to drip e liquid directly into the liquid container where you should see the cartridge fluval (wool like).
6. Fill the cartridge until it is full to the top (circa 6-8 drops), you may have to wait a few seconds for the E Liquid to fully be absorbed by the cartridge filler.
7. Once liquid container is full, you are ready to attach and your E Cigarette is now ready to go.

If you find the task of refilling yourself too time consuming you can easily buy these pre-filled.

Explore the web to find out where you can shop for refill e cigarette. Taking care of a few points that help you take the right decision. SABUNG AYAM
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