Rainwater Collection System For Norwegian Research And Development In Gansu Hope – Rain, Water

According to Western Business Daily reported: nature has given Norway a better life Environment , And in the Expo, Norway who developed the “perfection Flow,” Rainwater harvesting System is attracting many tourists. 27 am, the western Chinese Commercial News reporters Zhuan Fang and Liao Nuewei Bi Lixin total government representatives, and the first to see the “perfection Ruoshui.”

Western Chinese Commercial News reporters Zai Cai and Fang Zhong understand that this new device is suitable for clean water Arid Areas, especially for landlocked Gansu.

Reporter: Norwegian Museum to build a better life in what is innovation?
Bi Lixin: Norwegian Museum of the main embodiment of the prosperity of the good life is that people, and in the Expo also demonstrated a new scientific equipment, called “perfection Flow,” this high-tech products through rainwater harvesting and purification, to people’s lives to create a pure water source. Norway newly developed rainwater harvesting project in promoting Environmental protection While saving water, can provide a lot of water resources in arid areas, to maximize the protection of human health.

Reporter: The new equipment is how to run and use?
Bi Lixin entitled: “perfection Flow,” the new equipment is through rainwater harvesting projects, clean water, not only to provide a large number of people in arid areas of water, but also to save water. The equipment on display in the house system by the large number of aluminum vats and the composition of the thickness of the pipe, the device through the wood and bamboo and other materials and the roof of solar energy and rainwater harvesting systems to achieve Energy Supply collected rainwater will be carried out through successive decontamination equipment, decontamination and cleaning process, and then directly to a clean and healthy water supply for everyone, can drink.

Reporter: This device is the use of the best places?
Bi Lixin: pure, clean water suitable for everyone and the equipment suitable for large hospitals, not only provide convenience for the sick and wounded, but also to restore the body and health is very good, clean water through the device there is no harm to the body of impurities.

Reporter: The new device is able to trial in China?
Bili Xin: Expo After the new equipment will be donated to a dry area trial abroad, this set of equipment will be in addition to purifying water, the water can be let out of the plight of all people, at present, the device has been the preparation plant production, and promote the use of a wide range. Norwegian research institutions and organizations will showcase China and other countries with various projects and future Cooperation Prospects.

Reporter: Norway Pavilion restaurant is open to visitors free of charge to you?

Bi Lixin: in order to demonstrate the characteristics of Norway and the country’s natural good life, during the Expo, the museum has set up a restaurant, open kitchen allows visitors to see the Norwegian food production process, but also free taste, and every local chefs from Norway, cooking out Food Are authentic local specialties. SABUNG AYAM
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