Raising Baby Ducks – Tips For Beginners To Get Started

Raising baby ducks will give you plenty of benefits. For instance, you can have sources of meat and eggs. You can also sell eggs, ducklings, fully grown ducks, or duck meat for profit. You will not need to spend much time and money for them either. In addition, they can make your yard better. They will eat dandelions, bugs, garden snails, and their poop will fertilize the soil. If you want to unwind and relax, you can play with your ducks too.

Raising baby ducks is also better than raising chicks for a variety of reasons. Ducks have stronger resistance against common avian diseases. Hence, they live much longer. They also do not require elaborate housing, and they can get through any kind of environment. They need shorter brooding periods and less rearing places. They grow very fast, as well. Moreover, they are not picky when it acomes to food. They can eat almost anything, from plants to small amphibians. They can also eat bread, crackers, and store-bought feeds. You will even be able to reduce feed costs because ducks have the natural propensity to eat algae, fungi, aquatic weeds, insects, maggots, and legumes.

It is imperative that you include unmedicated chick starter as well as unmedicated chicken grower feed when you’re in the early stage of feeding baby ducks. This way, they can get the nutrition they need without growing fat to the point of becoming useless, and stay safe from potentially fatal diseases. You must also include lots of water into their diet. Just make sure that the brooder litter stays dry and that the ducklings have no way of falling into the water container.

Anyway, when learning how to keep ducks, you must always remember the basics. For instance, you have to brood the baby ducks until they are one month old. You must keep the brooding spot dry with the use of beddings made up of hay. You must replace wed beddings immediately; and you must never use dusty or moldy beddings. The brooding area’s temperature must also be kept warm but not hot. Also, you must not feed the ducklings with whole grains such as corn or rice. You must not give them dry bread and bird seed either.

The baby ducks will not be able to digest these foods; although you can give them some moistened pieces of bread, as well as worms, vegetables, and fruits. Raising baby ducks also entail breeding. The ratio of female ducks to male ducks is 5:1. So, for every five female ducks, there should be one male duck. The male ducks must also be one month older or of the same age as the females.
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