“raising Donkeys Million” Difficult East E

8 years ago, in order to solve the problem of a shortage of raw materials, the East E-Jiao ambitious plans drawn up to support millions of ass, and now the progress of the project is clearly unsatisfactory.

“Culture throughout the company’s managers are now all in the headquarters, we are the next step in the development of aquaculture plan.” Shandong Dong-E-Jiao Co., Ltd. (000423, hereinafter referred to as the East E-Jiao) responsible for business support donkey Lee always frankly told the “Daily Economic News” reporter.

General Lee told reporters, Donkey Skin is an important raw material production of donkey-hide gelatin, animal skin across the country, 90% market share of control in the hands of the East E-Jiao, but the company can control the number of live donkey farming only 500 000 first, there is a great gap.

East E-Jiao Yang for the implementation of the scheme is not smooth ass and the recent sharp price increase in two blocks of gelatin, an analyst who declined to be named, told reporters in the East E-Jiao is a strategic decision-making nodes .

2010 on the Control of 1 million possible

National agricultural statistics, in 1991 and 2008, the National donkey breeding stock reduced by the more than 1100 10 000 to 700 million head, 2030, the number of China’s donkey will be less than 2 million. In accordance with the 20% to 25% of the natural slaughter rate, the number of animal skin in 2008 only 140 million, but the East E-Jiao number of annual consumption of animal skin on the 130 million to 1.5 million.

Resources to solve the problem of the shortage of Donkey Skin, 2002 East E-Jiao Yang donkey started to invest in the establishment of bases. East E-Jiao Industry Minister Xiang-Yang Zhang of the “Daily Economic News” reporters that eight years of the East E-Jiao has invested 200 million yuan in the establishment of 13 around the base of support ass.

Ass base for keeping the East E-Jiao high hopes. In 2008, the East E-Jiao Qin Yufeng, general manager, said in 2010, control of one million donkey.

The above objectives, Li General admitted, and not in 2010, “50 million and 1 million a few spans, take time to complete.”

Low peasant culture positive 13 has been established for raising donkeys base, introduce aspects of Eastern E-Jiao, the company did not take self-built base, their mode of farming, but by companies, local government, raising donkeys cooperative breeding donkey meat Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, farmers and many of the main forms of participation.

In this mode, the farmer is the ultimate carrier of breeding programs, so the enthusiasm of farmers breeding success of the scheme is essential.

The propaganda department of the East E-Jiao Wu Yanhua said that as more and more mechanized, plain basically do not support a donkey. Pigs, cattle countries have support policies, subsidies for pig countries, as well as agricultural insurance, but keep a donkey, there is no corresponding national policy support.

East E-Jiao Yang Chifeng in Inner Mongolia-based manager Wanghuai Li said the donkey, because farming income is low, support base it did not make an ass, donkey’s stock will not stop the decline.

Donkey in order to stimulate farmers to support the East E-Jiao Yang ass with local farmers to set up specialized cooperatives. Although this method is improved to some extent the enthusiasm of farmers, but also raised the company’s investment.