Ramada Presented In The Controlled Model Of The Machine Tool Remanufacturing – A Central Automation,

Early this year the Ministry of Industry was identified as the first machine tool remanufacturing pilot enterprises, the Ramada in Automatic Control Technology Development Co., Ltd. has further good news, the company North Heavy Industry Group and then made 13 m NC gantry milling machine through the acceptance received high praise from the user unit, has become a machine and then create a model of another make.

Machine remanufacturing in central China has been controlled for 15 years of history that, with exquisite technology and perfect service, the company has for the HEC, a heavy, SAIC issued, the three machines, Toshiba utilities and medium-sized companies to complete the more than 100 pieces of heavy equipment and heavy machining center overhaul reform, re-manufacturing project, the industry earned a good reputation. In 2009, the output value 68 million yuan. This year in January, was included in the central-controlled Ministry of Industry and the first experimental electromechanical products and then create one of the units, the machine tool industry now only four national award, a central self-control is the only private enterprise.

Around 13 m NC gantry milling machine remanufacturing, reporters rushed to the North Industry Corporation recently conducted an interview. It is understood that the North launched the corporate relocation of heavy industry projects in recent years, the overall move to by the old factory is located in the western industrial corridor Shen new factory. Relocation project is a huge, big equipment, there are only more than 1000. 13 meters CNC gantry milling machine is an important large-scale, high-precision key facilities.

North Heavy Industry Asset Management Department official told reporters that this CNC gantry milling machine in 1986 from Germany Wadelixi? Economic roots companies to import, when the technical level of equipment is a leading international, is a national Key equipment. 20 years, the equipment has been responsible for the national defense equipment manufacturing industry and the key task.

However, since the installation of the equipment has not been overhauled to use the machine’s CNC system (NC) and the electrical control components have been aging, high failure rate, easy to purchase accessories, maintenance difficulties; machine mechanical parts of the local erosion serious , resulting in reduced machining accuracy; hydraulic control system of hydraulic components is damaged or frayed, making use of the machine part of the loss of function, can not meet the machining precision and the practical needs of factory production.

So the company decided to take advantage of the Northern Heavy their overall opportunities for the relocation of equipment to move reform and re-manufacturing.

For such a high technical content, a very complex internal structure re-manufacture of heavy equipment, the implementation of unit selection becomes particularly important. After bidding the project publicity, Northern Heavy equipment management-related head start and some machine tool companies in contact, hope to find a technical ability, good corporate reputation good cooperation. Some large machine tool manufacturer that the technical complexity of such projects, risk, performance of little interest. Some foreign companies even more wild speculations. After careful study and careful consideration, the final selection of the central North Heavy Industry Automation.

North Heavy Industry Department is responsible for Asset Management said: “Central controlled outstanding sound technical solutions and excellent reputation conquered us.”

Implementation of the project before the central automatic control of technical staff and construction team came to the scene to conduct investigation and technical exchanges and make full preparations for the smooth construction. In the project implementation process, the central leadership Controls command several times in person at the scene, listening to customer feedback, and always for the sake of Party A. As there is a lot of construction units, central automatic control of technical staff to communicate not only the attention and Party, and the operators, maintenance staff to communicate, but also pay attention to communication and coordination, and other construction units. For such a German re-imports of advanced equipment manufacturing, a lot of unpredictable things, always will encounter some new problems. Central China technicians carefully controlled research, miss a detail, let off a problem.

After three months of intense hard work, 13 m NC gantry milling machine relocation remanufacturing project completed on schedule. North Heavy Industry Asset Management head of the Department said the move tool remanufacturing, from a technical level, the improved electrical control system for machine tool performance and reliability of machine tools used to restore the machine should have the functionality and precision machine tools factory meet the workpiece precision. From the economic point of view, this equipment re-manufacturing (including relocation) costs of newly purchased only one-eighth of the imported machine tools, with less investment, short period, the remarkable cost-effective results. Facts and then made the selection decision is feasible and effective and the most economical.

To business leaders in Northern Heavy Industries, on down to the ordinary self-control operators are in China spoke highly of. Official said: For such a good, careful, responsible company, we are willing to long-term cooperation and willingness to disseminate in the industry. Deputy general manager Zhang Deqin

central controlled told reporters: Heavy northern countries such as large-scale key enterprises, the choice of partners is very strict review of the user’s high standards and strict requirements is the direction of our efforts. “Customer first, quality first,” not just a slogan, it must be actually implemented in practical action. SABUNG AYAM