Rca Released A New Flavor Of The Mediterranean Machine E20

player on the home market, everyone seems to have been used a similar

DVD The square-shaped machine that kind of shape is flat, although far from ugly, but it can not be called beautiful, and the dream is thousands of miles apart. Recently, world-renowned brand RCA operation center in China launched a new HD player RCAE20? Phoenix. And the ordinary high-definition players, different, E20? Phoenix to meet the customers for high quality

Video Demand, also incorporated more personalized design ideas. Not to mention the unique vertical design, single work on that fantastic blue around the fuselage, also fascinating.

It is understood, RCAE20? Phoenix inspired by a romantic trip to the Mediterranean, the blue sea, blue sky, warm sunshine, lazy break. Whole body high-light technology in a whole new texture to RCAE20 also brought a strange dynamic spirit, a music distribution of unique temperament, people can not resist the rhythm, as if thousands of flowers in a blur of bright colors, can be colorful show the world the unique side of grace, but approachable luxury.

Unique vertical body coupled with chamfered base, bring the ultimate in beauty, while also saving space for the user. Press

Power supply Switch, the very texture of the black in a small guy like suddenly awakened general, the refreshing

Blu-ray In the light guide plate, rapidly spread, like the dim dawn, substantially decreased the Mediterranean night?? Quiet, Tianshi’s!

If appearances RCAE20? Phoenix is more like a tranquil and delightful of the southern woman, then in function, RCAE20? Phoenix is completely transform a style. It not only supports all major audio and video format live, and also supports the original Blu-ray disc player, Blu-ray navigation,

SATA Quick copy, direct dial-up Internet access and online downloads, and more. It is particularly worth mentioning is that, RCAE20? Phoenix to support one interface file copy each other, can the gas station as household appliances, such as hard drives,

Digital Camera MP4 Mutual copy between files, etc. (requires USB port-related products, or other appropriate interface).

Point of view from the data, RCA E20? Phoenix fully supports H.264, VC-1/WMV, MPEG1/2/4, HDDivx / Xvid, FLV (flash animation), RM / RMVB, M2TS (

BD AV), ISO video format, support .mkv/.mov/.mp4/.ts/.avi / .mpg/.vob/.wmv/.dat/tp/.flv/.rm/.rmvb/m2ts/iso the kind of package of video files, make up the majority of high-end domestic

HD player Real can not decode high-definition format of regret. Audio, full support for DTS, DTS-HD, Dolby decoding support BTSC/A2/EIA-J demodulation, support the most mainstream of the MPEG-1, MPEG-2 (LayerI / II), AAC, HE-AAC, AC3, etc. format.

SATA copy should be said that the characteristics of RCA high-definition player, one of the RCAE30 early introduction of Golden Phoenix in the T, on the provision of high-speed SATA interface, copy, and many traditional USB2.0 interface with high-definition player ratio, RCAE20? Phoenix advantages are obvious. To copy a 30G of 1080P HD

Film Example, the ordinary high-definition players need 512-256 minutes RCA? Phoenix E20 requires only 7.3-5.6 minutes to complete.

Order to provide a more convenient way to obtain the content, RCA E20? Phoenix built

Thunder As well as P2P downloading technology and supports direct high-speed dial-up, and completely abandon the traditional high-definition player, the drawbacks of the Internet through a router. The P2P technology embedded in high-speed downloading and Thunder implant technology, but also allows users no longer need to worry about the source for the film.

The output side, RCAE20? Phoenix provides a variety of extended output mode, such as AV output, left channel, coaxial, fiber composite, component output, HDMI high-definition interface, etc., which HDMI to 1080P Full HD HD Interface , Component HD Full HD to 1080P. Also, comes with intelligent fool-style remote control, high-definition player, remote control all functions with the command.

From the “three full” high definition standard proposed by the “four wide” high-definition standard application, from the portable HD player RCAL100 to as the “high-definition player in the small BMW,” the L100V, from the first “three- all “to the sales of HD players L8Ht champion L10T, then the industry’s first” four-wide “high-definition player, RCA Golden Phoenix E30T, should be said that RCA has been playing the role of industry leader. Immediately after release of RCAE20? Phoenix, but also the whole design concept of high definition players on the industry a comprehensive upgrade.

It is understood that this product has been listed on the market at a further E100, silver exterior, interested friends may wish to store a look.