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Bangladesh is a nation of South Asia is a ethnic-linguistic region of Bengal. Bangladesh, the word stands for “country of Bengal” which is an official translation in Bengali language. The most prominent challenge of the nation is human security in terms of health, education, disaster management of each all-natural as properly as artificial. Some of the recent news of Bangladesh in term of national safety are Bangladesh military developments, Bangladesh navy has grow to be more stronger, Armed forces modernization, and so forth.

The existing Awami League government has led to the occasion of modernization of People’s Republic of Bangladesh at a high rate. The country is even accountable for most of the instrumentality of the military of China. The recent India news says that the military of Bangladesh is prepared on the trail of main modernization and stratified up-gradation. Even the defense price range is accumulated roughly by seven-member by the govt.

Likewise India breaking news of its development in context of human security has brought amazing changes. Myanmar conjointly referred to as Burma could be a sovereign state of South Asia. The breaking news updated like jackdaw Aung Kyi: The Liberal Pragmatic, India Myanmar Relations- Visit of jackdaw Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar Hindrances to Politics of Reconciliation, etc. The relations amongst India and Myanmar have sturdy attributable to high visits of each president and prime minister of each the nations.

Even so when the highest of India-China arises the primary problem that strikes in mind is that the border disputes that major to 3 significant military conflicts – 1962 Sino-Indian war, 1967 the Chola incident and also the Sino-Indian skirmish. Many safety trends came into existence consequently on boost the human safety. India China news linked with safety forces like Indian Air Force Workout control and actor, Boeing’s 1st India Defense Contract Challenge, President Identifies Deterrence as Cornerstone of Indian defense system was the new subject for discussion amongst the folks of India.

The nations efforts to extend their safety power to generate security to the countries folks are visible. But there square measure a lot of freelance ventures devoted to reduce back the danger and delivering safety. is one in each and every of such freelance venture operating with an aim to save and safe the lifetime of each individual of the planet. Presently the service is expedited to handle all the major threats with each other with terrorist act, insurgency, militancy, disease, disaster, classical threats of up to date life and a lot of more of South-Asia region.

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