Real Fear Of Injury Was Sustained Kaka Missed The End Of War Once Again Stepped In Model Law

1 am Beijing time Monday, 09/10 season will be the final round of La Liga championship. In the Rose Garden Stadium, Real Madrid will be desperate for the relegation away against Malaga. Today Pellegrini got a bad news, Kaka left thigh adductor injury recurrence, it is likely to miss the league last war.

Out of the Champions League Throwback nfl jerseys by Lyon in the quarter-finals after Kaka then missed a half months, the Brazilian is the cause of the left thigh adductor muscle strain. Kaka had the training yesterday, all normal, but halfway feel pain in the left thigh adductor muscle, and thus advance the training ground 25 minutes away. “Marca” by insiders that Real Madrid, Kaka is likely not the last game of the season. As the injury is serious in the end to affect the World Cup, will depend on the next 24 hours his physical examination results.

Pellegrini more headache that it is unable to attend the same training Guti, Kim Wolf physical condition has been quite unstable recently. Guti Real Madrid is the only player to have a Throwback MLB jerseys straight line passing ability, once the Golden Wolf missed the game, Gago-type 5 meters away from the trivial in turn filled in the short passing game, which obviously can not help the attacker They opened the stadium hand width and depth.

But Pellegrini has also been good news for Van der Vaart has basically recovered. In a battle against Zaragoza after the injury, Van der Vaart was diagnosed 3 weeks to recuperate, he was originally identified this season has ended prematurely. But the Dutch training very hard in rehabilitation, making him shorter recovery period. Once the card and Guti are unable to participate in La Liga match riding on the case, Van der Vaart will be stepped in starting debut wholesale nfl jerseys. SABUNG AYAM