Reasons For A Woman Leaving A Relationship

In general, it’s a woman not man who finally make decision to give up a relationship when it comes to a beaking point. They can give many reasons for leaving men, however, sometimes the true does not appear to be the same as the way it’s explained. Anyway, finding out the real mainsprings of your ex woman will help you draw a lesson and avoid to commit the same mistake next time with another woman.


The following are some of the common reasons why women leave:

People change

The start of a relationship may have been brilliant, and you thought you will be together forever. However, once the freshness has worn off, your girlfriend may have lost interest. Perhaps she has begun to know someone else better and found her true interests lie elsewhere, or maybe it’s not her that has changed but you, and you are no longer attractive to her. The bottom line is, people can change, and that change can mean they do not see a future with you anymore.



In this day and age, if you do not show your girlfriend respect, she will eventually decide to leave you. If you did not respect her appearance, or include her in supporting the family, she won’t want to be around you. The Casanovas among us know that in order to seduce a married or long term girlfriend, you must play off what they probably never get: respect. So imagine if your partner has met someone who paid her complements about her appearance, made her feel good and listened to her problems, she’s bound to drift away you.


Being a man

There are certain traits that women are inherently attracted to: confidence, leadership, ambition to succeed, self assurance and modesty. Perhaps what attracted her to you at the start of the relationship was one of these things, but as time has gone on you’ve become settled in your ways and she has lost attraction in you. A lot of men once they have settled into a relationship tend to lose a certain number of these traits. For example, some will stop caring about their appearance, or lose their self-assurance and become a doormat for their partner to walk all over. All of which cause them to become less attractive to their wife/girlfriend.



It may just be that your woman is very busy in her life and may feel that she could do without the added stress of keeping a relationship going. She may have realised that she’s just not ready for a long term relationship. She may feel however that given some time she will want to start the relationship again when the time is right for her. If you find yourself in the situation you must respect her decision, for if you were to plead and whinge about her leaving, you risk pushing her away even further.


The fact is that all relationships are different and there is a multitude of different reasons why she has left you. The good news is that all relationships can be saved, you just need to know why you went wrong, and how to win her back.