Receiving Into the Movies – Film Etiquette

This report does not deal so significantly with how to act in a image as how to act in a studio. Motion image individuals live, much more or less, in a planet of their personal. It is a globe which may appear a bit topsy turvy to the outsider, with its personal peculiar customs, and a higher freedom from restraint than is customary in the traditional globe outside. Examined a bit closer, these outlandish concepts seem to be the really very same ones which are often connected with artists a bohemian spirit which is the very same regardless of whether in Hollywood or the Latin Quarter of Paris.

If the newcomer to the studio wishes to establish himself as a bona fide member of the film world he have to constantly keep in mind that no matter how cynical they may seem, no matter how pessimistically they may talk, these people, in the bottom of their hearts, contemplate a photoplay a form of art and themselves as artists.

The actor or director or author who does actually excellent function, who has something new to offer you, or who at least is sincere in his want to do some thing huge and fine in the motion pictures, will constantly be tolerated no matter how bizarre his character in other respects. In short, folks are ranked according to their artistic understanding rather than according to their ancestry, their bank account or their morals.

Most of the leaders of the motion picture planet have risen from poverty and obscurity, a fact which accounts for the democracy which prevails in the studio. There are a few guidelines which newcomers would do well to stick to. Here they are :
1. Be modest. Since you do not understand why anything is accomplished, do not think it is all nonsense. And bear in mind that you have ever so much to learn
about the enterprise.
2. Never criticize.
three. Attempt your best to please everyone, especially the director, whose shoulders are carrying the duty for the whole production and whose manner could be a bit gruff as it generally is when a man is laboring under a heavy load.

Do not be ashamed of being in the motion pictures. If you consider films are a low-brow kind of producing a living your associates will surely turn into conscious of your state of mind and you will be quietly frozen out.

In the old days of the films social status in the studio was determined by a curious technique, based upon the pay envelope. Actors for the film globe is composed for the higher portion of actors are classed as stars, the “leads,” the “components,” the “bits,” the
“extras” and “mobs.”

The star is, of course, the very paid actor or actress who is the feature of the production the “lead” is the leading man or lady who plays opposite the star. The “components” contain all those characters which appear on the plan the minor characters of the play. The “bits” are those who Nare referred to as on to perform a bit of individual action, such as the butler who opens the door, or the chauffeur who drives the vehicle, but who have no genuine part in the play. The extras are simply members of the crowd, as the ballroom throng, although a mob is just a mass of individuals, like an army or the audience at a football game.

The big generating companies often give elaborate dinners, seating 3 or four hundred individuals, and below this ridiculous old system the star sat at the head of the table, with the “leads” close to at hand. Then came the “parts,” then the “bits,” and finally, away down at the foot of the table, had been the “extras.” In the same way directors, assistant directors, studio managers, and so forth, had been graded down according
to how significantly cash they drew from the cashier each week.

These days all this snobbery has passed away. The movie world has its sensible set and its slums, as in any other globe, but the criterion is artistic worth, not money. We know of a single rather unpleasant character who has risen to stardom, but is fully ignored by the lesser lights of the profession despite this star’s attempts to break into “film society.”