Redang Island, Malaysia – A Treasure Trove For Marine Life

The Idyllic Beaches at Rendang
One of the biggest attractions of the place known as Redang Island off the east coast of Malaysia is all about its beautiful beaches.

Vegetables Farms
The vegetable farms are very common in the Cameron Highlands. Some of these have been planned particularly with the tourist in mind. The biggest vegetable farm in the Cameron Highlands is the Kuala Terja or Tringkap which supplies vegetables nation wide.

The Berjaya Redang Beach Resort is actually part of a five star hotel which is one of the famous selections among the tourists. Tourists can have easy transportation facilities in the form of a shuttle bus direct to and from the airport.

This beach is 800 meters in length and as such it is therefore known as Long Beach, aptly enough. The island is situated 45 kilometers from the mainland coast of the Kuala Terengganu. Redang Island also known as the Pulau Redang is the largest island of the Terengganu.

Marine Life
The Redang Island and other 9 islands, which makes up the archipelago actually has been assigned as a Marine Park by the Fisheries Act of 1985. Redang supplies a wonderful chance to enjoy beautiful views and to interact with the marine life.

Strawberry Farms
You can visit various strawberry farms in the Cameron Highlands which permit you to pluck the strawberries at your own leisure and then they charge you as per the weight of the strawberries taken. Fresh home made strawberry jams are also available for very reasonable prices. Among the best known farms are Healthy Strawberry Farm, Raju’s Hill Strawberry and Big Red Strawberry Farm.

So all in all if you love the ocean, you love silver sandy beaches, you love the thought of swaying palm trees and coconut trees then there is no doubt at all that you will absolutely adore the wonders that Redang Island has to share.
Sabung Ayam
Indonesian Beef Rendang

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Rendang, one of Indonesia’s most celebrated dishes, is a slow-cooked, spicy meat dish originating from West Sumatra. This slow cooking process is used to yield succulent, fork-tender meats with rich, caramelized flavors. At the Kamandalu Resort and Spa in Ubud, Bali, William Wongso shows Steve Jilleba, Corporate Executive Chef of Unilever Foods Solutions, how to make a classic Beef Rendang. – John Barkley

Sabung Ayam