Rediscovering The Perfect Body

These days the news is filled with the need for a healthier, fitter society. As a people, we are plagued by decades of unhealthy eating and little exercise. Take control of your life means exploring the right program for your lifestyle change. Most often, you will not find your perfect lifestyle in a prescription medication. Instead, you will find that the word “diet” does not fit into this new healthier lifestyle. You have to make a change at the foundation of your thinking. The human body is composed of a variety of different tissue types including lean tissues (muscle, bone, and organs) that are metabolically active and fat tissue that is not. The sum total weight of all this constitutes body weight and decrease in percentage of muscle, fat and bone weight constitutes weight loss. Standard body weight scales provide a measure of total weight, but don’t determine the lean-to-fat ratio of that weight. Standing on most scales can tell you only if you weigh more than the average person, but not if that weight is fat or muscle. Based only on scale weight, a 250-pound athlete with 8% body fat may be considered “overweight” by a typical weight chart. Such charts are not a good indication of ideal body weight for general health or for athletic performance. The ideal weight and fat-lean ratio varies considerably for men and women and by age, but the minimum percent of body fat considered safe for good health is 5 percent for males and 12% for females. The average adult body fat is closer to 15 to 18% for men and 22 to 25% for women. Athletes tend to be at low end of this scale due to their increased lean weight (muscle mass). While low levels of body fat seem to be related to improved performance, body composition alone is not a great predictor of sports success. Body fat among elite athletes varies largely by sport. There is little evidence of any benefit when men drop under 8% and women drop under 14 percent body fat. Perhaps most interesting, if you begin to move, how you are meant, your ideas, what you want should look like fall. An infinitely liberating feeling it replaces that a feeling of home in your own skin. Discovery to limit not to practice, it is time to sit in the moments of the mat at your desk or do the dishes that you will be set to understand the satisfaction of living through your body properly. SABUNG AYAM