Refuse to Join the Recession

You would have to have been living on planet Mars not to know that there is a recession going on. But I ask, why join in with all the gloom and doom. This is the time to stand out from the herd and refuse to join the recession.

Did you know that so many top companies all started during either a recession or a depression?. Yes, that’s right, top companies such as Virgin, Disney and many others actually had their starts during difficult financial times.

You see the trick is to STOP immediately listening to the news, reading papers and generally getting involved with all the bad news. Remember everything in this Universe is energy!. What is going on now is massive form of hypnosis to get everyone to join in and believe that there are tough times now and ahead.

Why buy into this?. This is the time to stand out and think for yourself. Take control of YOUR life. Do not be dictated too by the media.

Always keep in mind that money is energy!. Nothing more and nothing less!. It’s energy pure and simple.

By avoiding all the negativity flying around and staying true to your own thoughts and beliefs, you will find that the recession will be a time of progress, not a slide into poverty. The Universe takes notice of your feelings, your beliefs, this is what it operates on all the time. No questions asked. What you put out thought wise is what you will get back. The law is immutable. It never changes.

So, what do you want?. To be part of the herd?. Or do you want something more from your life?. Really there is only one answer…you want MORE. So, avoid like the plague (in a way it is a mental plague) all the negative vibrations and keep your own vibrations on a very high level.

This is a wonderful time to expand your horizons. Become excited, for while everyone else is going down the gloom and doom path, this is YOUR chance to shine. Absolutely REFUSE to join the recession.