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There are millions of people worldwide suffering from the problem of pimples, and I am about to show you some unique ways to cure pimples permanently. Everyday, they are trying all kinds of conventional treatment options, from consulting dermatologists to using skin creams and facial scrubs. All these methods may help in temporarily alleviating the symptoms, but they certainly cannot help you get rid of pimples overnight.

The best and most effective method to cure pimples is the utilization of home remedies for pimples. These are simple natural remedies which have been known to work magic, and also lack the toxic side-effects associated with the conventional chemical-based products.


During puberty, the human body undergoes certain changes which culminate in the development of secondary sexual characteristics. Certain hormones are produced in excessive quantities at this time. These hormones will activate the sebaceous glands of the skin to produce more sebum. When this sebum is produced in adequate quantities, there is usually no problem. But when sebum-production becomes excessive, it can make the skin pores get clogged up with too much sebum. As a result, bacteria on the skin, which are normally harmless, are stimulated, and they thus multiply. This will ultimately result in inflammatory changes around the affected area, and hence pimples formation.

There have been several myths about pimples. Many people believe foods like chocolate and pizza can cause pimples, but this has not been proven to be true. Although some recent studies have implicated milk and dairy products in aggravating pimples, there is no proof that they actually cause the condition. Another myth is that sweat causes pimples. But this is certainly not true. So there is really no need to rush to the bathroom for a quick shower after the slightest physical exercise.

In trying to cure pimples, you have to be consistent with whatever treatment method you are employing. This is very important, but unfortunately, it is underestimated by many. Carrying out a procedure on a daily basis will certainly yield more fruitful results than carrying it out once a week. You can get a good cleanser for cleaning your face. There are several ones in the market, but it is best to go for one which is non-medicated and non-irritating, since the skin is a very sensitive organ. This will help keep your face clean and dry, and prevent pimples formation.

Also, it is very important to avoid squeezing the pimples on your face. This will result in scar formation, which will ultimately result in more pimples formation. Also, contamination of the pimples could result in serious health consequences.

The use of antibiotics could also go a long way in fighting bacteria which contribute to pimples formation. SABUNG AYAM
Diamond Reynolds July 6, 2016 Facebook Live Video (WARNING: Graphic content)

Warning: Graphic content.

Diamond Reynolds July 6, 2016, Facebook Live video

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