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Stretching from geothermal to hydro, from solar to tidal energy, its no surprise that renewable energy is a big name business, tagged by policymakers and scientists alike as essential to solving many of our environmental woes. And with a host of new agencies and regulations operating within countries and internationally, its moving into the mainstream like never before. But the process of shifting our energy base is barely beginning and there are plenty of early obstacles. International News Services presents this introductory e-book on the growth of the industry for managers, executives and researchers who want an accurate and basic briefing.

Introduction renewable energies forge ahead but from a low base

MAYBE the best sign that renewable energies have hit the mainstream is that they now have their very own international organisation: the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Launched in Bonn, Germany, this January, with the support of 76 countries, including its host nation, Spain, Italy, France and Sweden, the roster of signatory nations has since been swollen by India and Belarus. Britain and the United States have yet to become signatories, but they may sign up eventually. IRENA will promote green energy, providing, said a communiqu: practical advice and support for both industrialised and developing countries. (See for its website). At its birth, Germanys federal environment minister Sigmar Gabriel was succinct in his praise for an initiative that really is a German baby: Many countries have recognised the opportunities which renewable energies offer for climate protection, security of supply, economic growth and employment. IRENA gives renewables an international voice and political impetus. The agency will be the global platform for
renewable energies.

Table of Contents :

1. Introduction Renewable Energies Forge Ahead But From a Low Base.
2. History of Renewable Energy
a. wind energy
b. solar energy
c. hydroelectric energy
d. biomass
e. Tidal
f. Combined heat and power energy
g. Geothermal energy
3. EU Imposes Green Energy Targets on its Government
4. EU Framework Research Programme Offers Millions of Euros to Renewable Energy Companies
5. Renewable Energy Means Transport too

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