Repeat Website Traffic Source – Build an E-Mail List!

Do you worry about having to get a high position on Google, to get some traffic for your website? Or paying too much for AdWords clicks, to get some visitors? Or placing links on some other websites, or article directories, to get some more exposure to your websites?

Well, there is one way to have your own traffic source that can bring you highly targeted visitors to any website or offer you want, by demand.

And this method is called email marketing. Do not underestimate its value, because if done correctly, it can, and will keep making you money for many years to come.

So what is the main secret to having profitable email marketing campaigns? The secret is in the relationship between you and your subscribers. The more they trust you, the more influence you can have on their decisions, no matter what market or niche you are working in. The more open they will be to your suggestions and recommendations – the more money they will gladly give to you.

I see very often new marketers make the same mistake: they start building their email list, and instead of building trust, they send sales pitch after sales pitch. So people just unsubscribe, and those marketers just wasted their time.

There are 4 essential steps you have to do to build that list:

Get the offer of extreme value, and give it away for free
Build your site – squeeze page so you can give it away for free
Sent traffic to your squeeze page, so people would opt in to get it
See which source of traffic works the best and do some more of it.

It is pretty easy to get things going wrong in email marketing, but if you do everything right, you can make a fortune with this method. And it can be repeated website traffic source for years to come.