Resorts 101: Types

When you hear the word resort, the first thing that would come into mind would be a place where you can stay and relax for a vacation or holiday, away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. Many provide accommodation, food, transport, entertainment, and recreational facilities, in order to provide better for visitors. Though interestingly enough, there are actually different types and categories it falls into. Some of the major classifications are resort towns and self-contained resorts. So let’s dig a little bit deeper and check out what these establishments has to offer.

For places where tourism is a major activity, this is where “resort towns” are typically found. If situated along the coastline, it is being referred to as “seaside resort.” Further inland, known types are: “spa resort”, it is normally situated in a developed mineral spring, offering hydrotherapy treatment through cold water, thermal baths, or mineral water.

Then there is also “mountain resort.” It can be classified into “ski resorts”, situated in skiing villages and towns. Normally they cater for hotel or chalet accommodation, ski school, lifts, as well as rental of equipments. This is a very popular place to hold winter sports games such as skiing, ice climbing, ice skating. The other one is more popular for the summer months where you can go mountain biking, hiking, and mountain boarding.

Self-contained resorts are usually situated in places where there are specially constructed meeting facilities with dining and entertainment, as well as sufficient accommodation. Falling under this category are holiday villages and camps, destination, all-inclusive, golf, luxury, integrated, and mega resorts.

“Holiday villages” are found in Europe, while chalet resort accommodation in the UK is called a “holiday camp”. “Destination resort” is designed so that guests would not need to leave the premises. Accommodation, entertainment, shopping, and sports facilities, together with food and drink are normally provided. An “all-inclusive resort” mostly, charges for a fixed price and provides for accommodation, unlimited food and drink, plus the use of facilities. “Golf resorts” usually offer golf enthusiasts and visitors with packages inclusive of golf carts, access to golf courses, equipments, clubhouse, food, drinks, and accommodation. A “Luxury resort” has an extensive range of amenities and services, an expensive establishment offering a well-trained and sufficient staff, spa, golf, recreational, and other sorts of attractions and facilities.

So if ever you’ll find yourself leaving town or the country to spend some rest and recreation in a resort, it would be easier for you to know what type would suit your budget and liking, for a fun, great, and memorable escapade you deserve.
Sabung Ayam
[BALI] Legong Lasem (Tirta Sari) vol.1 [GAMELAN]

[DATE : 17/Aug/2001]
[DANCER : Bidani (Yuliati’s younger sister)]
[PLACE : Balerung Mandera Stage, Peliatan, Ubud]

Sabung Ayam