Resveratrol – Is it Better to Take a Low Dose?

Some recent news.

I’ve recently come across some interesting news about using Resveratrol. As we all know, the benefits of this anti-aging molecule are immense and it’s something that we should all use each day. However, sometimes we tend to want “more” of a good thing. As to turns out, with Resveratrol, using “more” may be one of the worst things you can do! Some folks have noticed that when using extremely high doses, they are having issues with pain in their body’s joints. This pain, goes away about 2 weeks after they stop taking such high doses of Resveratrol. When these people switched to a lower dose, the pain went away and they were able to correctly enjoy all the great benefits of Resveratrol.

Should I still take Resveratrol?

Yes! But no more than 500mg per day.
Resveratrol is very safe and is something that everyone should use. You should only use a lower dose. Many manufactures are now making supplements, attempting to pack as much Resveratrol into the capsules as possible as a marketing gimmick. They think you will assume that a capsule loaded with as much junk as possible is best for you. To do this, they are using a poor quality source of Resveratrol. This keeps there cost low. Some are also mixing their ingredients with other items to give the appearance of a capsule that has more powder in it, than it really does.

What should I buy?

Only pure Resveratrol.
Quite simply, you should have a look at the label of any supplement you buy. The label should show you the ingredients in the capsule. It should also give the concentration and the dosage. If the label isn’t shown or does not explain these items, then do not buy it. Of course, I recommend my own products, as they meet all these requirements and with my Resveratrol you can be sure we use a high quality source and the capsules are small, easy to swallow.