Retiring With A Bicycle

In a recent study which appeared in the Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, University of California Davis researchers, Deb Niemeier and Nataliya Malyshkina, have come up with some disturbing news concerning our future oil supplies.

The research predicts that by the year 2054 we might be facing a world without oil which today is used mostly to fuel cars, planes and other forms of transportation. When taking under consideration that 2054 is only 40 years away, the study suggests that this just might be the right time to start putting a move into finding alternatives to oil especially in terms of transport.

For the past decade or so, some progress has been made in the field of renewable energy resources aimed for transportation. Replacements such as batteries, hydrogen, biofuel and other alternative energy resources have been harnessed to the mutual goal in hopes of solving future problems that might rise because of our current dependency on oil.

Yet according to the same study, these solutions will reach their full use almost 100 years later. This means that only by 2140 will all the new replacements for oil based transportation finally be developed.

That means that the human race just might be facing almost 100 years without cars, busses or planes. Guess that means we’ll be left with our bicycles…

Though dieticians might say that there might be worse scenarios than stretching out our legs or retiring with a bicycle, there might be some hope for us yet.

The optimistic claim that as more energy-saving measures are introduced and used by consumers oil consumption just might decrease in the near future, as new oil reserves become available as well.

Basing their alternative predictions on companies traded in the stock market, the research over looks many non-profit organizations, universities and establishments in the making.

Taking the road not Taken – More about substitute Oil Businesses

Along with companies like Better Place working on developing battery operated cars, or Solazyme, ranked #1 biofuel company for 2010 by Biofuels Digest, the world and society still have a few more renewable resources up thier sleeves, which are just waiting to pop into the stock market.

One of these growing companies is Global Energy Inc. (GEYI:OB) working on a one of a kind solution to the future energy crisis we all might be facing. Global Energy’s KDV> suggests a different take on renewable energy sources, by making use of the piles of garbage we all have and turning them into mineral diesel oil ( waste to deisel )

KDV Technology isn’t restricted to plant matter like bio diesel is and it can transform all organic matter into diesel, making it one of the best choices our world has for renewable energy sources.

So although it might be good exercise for many individuals to start pedaling to work, we might be soon enough, thanks to KDV technology, be able to keep our bikes in the garage, where they belong.