Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit ? Save Your Money For A Far More Effective System

There’s simply no doubt about it, a reverse osmosis water purification unit is old news and fast becoming more of a liability these days. Find out the facts you need to know about them and how to choose a cheaper and more effective type of filter.

So let’s be clear, I normally advocate that any filter is better than nothing at all. When it comes to a reverse osmosis water purification unit, I have to say that they can be more dangerous than having nothing for two reasons.

Firstly, they remove important trace minerals like calcium and sodium which are needed in water for good health.

Secondly, they give you the illusion that they are purifying your supply when in fact they allow many harmful toxins through, like pesticides and prescription drugs.

What they essentially leave you with is demineralized water, like distilled. This is great for the paper industries they were designed for, but not humans. The World Health Organization even states that the trace minerals should be left in the water for continued good health.

The reverse osmosis water purification unit uses a dated porous membrane to filter out the toxins. Unfortunately today, many synthetic ones like pesticides are molecularly smaller than water, and are therefore not removed.

Now believe it or not, these poor systems can actually cost many times more than the best alternative. They also require more space, electricity to run on and waste up to 85% of the water they use.

This is a disaster for your wallet and the environment, especially as the waste water cannot be recycled.

So what is the most effective alternative?

The only one recommended by the EPA is an activated carbon block filter. The best ones can physically and chemically remove the toxins, including the synthetic ones, to leave your water safe and pure.

Some of them, with a dual system, ion exchange and sub micron filtering can remove 99% of all the main contaminants. In addition, they leave in those essential minerals for better health.

As you can see, the reverse osmosis water purification unit is basically obsolete. Many sellers try to get you to add on a carbon filter so they work better, but the truth is you then don’t need the reverse osmosis filter, only the carbon one!

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