Review of Entourage Edge eBook Reader

The Entourage Edge has more or less the same looks and shape as a netbook, but it is not a netbook. While net books have a single screen and a keyboard these machine sports two screens – a 9.7 inch eInk display and a 10.1 inch LCD color display. Specification Internal Memory: 4GB, Display Size/Resolution: LCD 10.1-inch/1024 x 600 pixels; EPD 9.7-inch/1200 x 825 pixels Ports: 2 USB, 1 mini USB, headphone, mic jacks Connectivity: WiFi 802.11 b/g Card Slots: SD card, SIM card Size: 10.8 x 8.3 x 1.0 inches Price as Configured: $ 499.00 Laptop Magazine has published the first detailed review of the Entourage Edge.

While the reviewer found the machine a bit bulky she is quite impressed with its ability to serve multiple purposes. In fact, with its versatility, the Edge does manage to make Amazon’s Kindle look boring. The Edge is essentially an eBook reader but at 3 pounds, it is many times heavier than a dedicated eBook reader. You can use this device to download and read eBooks on the eInk display. You may also take notes on either of the touch sensitive displays with the included stylus.

The Edge has a built-in journal and voice recorder so you can record lectures. And when you feel the need to, you may check your favorite websites such as Facebook or Twitter. And unlike dedicated eBook readers, the Edge can play music and video. Since Edge is an Android-powered device it can run numerous third party applications such as the Dolphin Web browser, an RSS reader and Facebook and Twitter applications.

On the flip side, the software that ships with the device isn’t up to the market. In fact, the apps store is not yet fully functional and stocks fewer best sellers than the Kindle apps store. But these are issues that may get solved by the time the machine hits the street.

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