Review of Natural Bacterial Vaginosis Cure E-Book

The Good: The Natural Bacterial Vaginosis Cure E-book comes with 4 bonus books: All About PMS and Associated Female Phases, Diet Secrets and Weight Loss Tactics Unraveled, Diet Recipes, Exercise Journals. All of the e-books are filled to the brim with useful information and tips. I found the Diet Recipe book to be great because it gives the reader tons of healthy and tasty options. This allows for you to pick the good-tasting food you want to eat for the duration of your healing process.

The Natural BV Cure book not only thoroughly covers the causes of BV, but other feminine problems as well (i.e. yeast infections, trichomoniasis, urinary tract infections). It also discusses many uncomfortable topics to save the reader from tons of embarrassment. After a biology lesson of the female body, the e-book then begins discussing a vigorous routine of nutrition, diet plans and all-natural treatment options that will help speed up your healing process. The book then finishes with tons of tips to keep BV away for good.

Also, one thing that I really liked was that the e-book went over the uncomfortable processes that you will encounter with your doctor or gynecologist. It prepares you for the questions you will receive, the tests you will be given and it also goes over thoroughly the treatment options your doctor will provide you. So you will have no surprises with your already uncomfortable BV.

The Bad: I found two very minor problems with the e-books. The first was the headers and footers; there is a picture of the author along with a pink-colored banner on the top and bottom of every single page. If you have a slower computer, the colorful headers and footers could make for slower scrolling.

Secondly, the Exercise Journal seemed like a kind of pointless bonus. There really is no exercise plan or routine provided with the product. So unless you already have a workout routine, you won’t be able to use the exercise journal at all till you get workout plan.

The Overall: The Natural Bacterial Vaginosis Cure e-book and bonuses are definitely worth the $ 39.00 price tag. It discusses thoroughly every single aspect of Bacterial Vaginosis, straight from the diagnosis and reasons why you have BV to how to get rid of it and how to keep it away. The bonus e-books, minus the exercise journal, are extremely helpful to speeding up your healing process. Not only will the e-book teach you how to cure your BV, it will also teach you how to keep it away for good. I highly recommend The Natural Bacterial Vaginosis Cure out of the top 3 BV relief products.