[review Of The Week] Electric Heating: A New Choice For Residential Heating – Summary Of The Week,

” Harbin ‘radiator’ attract foreign distributors “A news caused widespread concern, the content is a business innovation Harbin product” Energy Environmental heating film Heating The system “caused the British, Denmark, Canada, Japan, and distributors interested in, one after another with whom to discuss cooperation matters. Electric heating is an emerging, environmentally efficient, economical energy conservation heating method, first appeared in the United States. 90 Harbin 20th century Samsung Kailairuike Electric Heating Co., Ltd. will be low-temperature radiation heating system was first introduced into China. Summary of the week around the electric heating system, the characteristics of the technology and application prospects are outlined.

1, what is the electric heating system
Membrane electric radiant heating technique is a relatively new type of Heating Technology, at home with 7-8 years of development history. Low temperature radiation electric heating system uses electric power for energy, heat transfer by infrared radiation in a new heating method. Low temperature radiation electric heating system, the main electric power after the film is a translucent to heat Polyester Film can be conductive by the special Ink Metal carrier, as amended Print , Pressing in between two layers of polyester film insulation made of a special heating element. With high pressure, resistant to moisture, withstand temperature range, high toughness, low shrinkage straightforward, safe operation, easy storage and transportation and many fine features.

2, the characteristics of electric heating system
Present, the main heating furnace with coal, gas furnace, oil furnace, electric boiler and heating film. The indoor heat source terms, including metal Radiator Type, radiation type and temperature to warm hot heat radiation type heating film. Metal radiator heat source with the traditional low cost, mature technology, etc, are commonly used for residential customers. Low temperature to warm hot radiation as early as 30 years in the 20th century began to apply in some countries, with the development of materials technology in recent years are widely used in China. Radiation is also used low temperature to warm hot water as heat medium, but it’s hot water temperature required for hot water than the metal heat sink temperature is low. It is cross-linked Polyethylene Plastic Pipe (Referred to as PEX pipe) laid on the ground cushion, the heat through Floor Uniform radiation to the interior, so that the body was the best foot feels warm and head cool and do not take up household indoor area. Electric membrane technology is a new type thermal radiation heating technology, its appearance is based on adequate power and people growing emphasis on the environment. Has the following characteristics:

Is the use of electric heating Building Property within the top surface, ground, wall or other surface, on the radiation source Launch The infrared radiation heating heat for reflection. It is not just heating the air, but to make the human body and the surrounding dense objects (walls, floors, furniture, etc.) First of all, energy absorption, temperature, and heat radiation from these objects distributed evenly to naturally raise the indoor temperature. Radiant heating, the indoor temperature uniform, clean, comfortable, quiet, no heat generated by the traditional dry and sultry, not because of air convection caused by the indoor floating dust, useful Health .

To electric film as sources of electric heating systems, indoor thermostat settings, adjust as needed to maintain constant temperature and, temporarily using the room temperature can be lowered or closed, the real economic run, energy savings.

Electric heating system will heat directly into electricity, without water, saving precious water resources. Solve the building boiler room, coal storage, ash, pipe network settings covering a range of issues, help the city Planning . No soot, smoke, combustion exhaust and other pollution, meet the needs of modern urban environment; system runs without noise, odorless; room no hot air convection caused by floating dust, indoor air cleaner, good health.

Electric membrane completely waterproof, joints also do waterproofing, moisture-resistant system as a whole. The life electric heating system for decades, no special set up maintenance, repair aircraft structures, no plumbing system, run, run, drip, drain, and the cracking radiator problems such as headaches.

Electric heating system can be divided into rooms, household heating and accurate measurement of volume and operating costs, promote energy conservation awareness of residents, while addressing the heating and the property management sector and all levels of government for the most headaches Warm fee collection difficult problem. Because radiation is a way of heating, without traditional heating of dry, hot feeling, feels so warm and comfortable.

The same time, the walls, floors, furniture and absorb the energy, temperature, thus reducing the body’s cooling radiation.

Heating due to the cancellation of the traditional messy, bare space, affect the appearance of the pipe, radiator, only to see the beautiful indoor thermostat, representing an increase of the indoor area can be used to make Room Appear spacious and beautiful. The system architecture Decoration Simultaneously, and civil cross less conducive old renovation. Truss installed the electric heating system installed, easy to install. Electric membrane small volume, light weight, electric membrane of each volume is only about 25 kilograms, can heat an area of about 200 square meters, to reduce the building’s load. SABUNG AYAM