Rhumor Hazzit Says, “Well Bite Me! Astrology Rocks”.

I had a lunch date with an actress friend of mine yesterday (can’t really say who but she has a really famous boyfriend who happens to be in a rock band, wink wink) and decided to check out my horoscope while I was waiting for her to arrive. You imagine my surprise when she showed up (over 5 minutes late if you like) and totally tried to give me a hard time insisting that Astrology is not scientific and cannot be proven. My answer to that is, Astrology has been around long before science was invented (one for the Rhumor’s corner). So I made a bet with her and we can do it together (I’m counting on you) and I think we can win.

Let me say this, science has been invented or created by mankind so therefore as it is man-made it is subject to the same intellectual restrictions of the mind that created it. Astrology deals with the stars, in fact the whole universe and is not restricted by the human mind for its creation. Even though the method or how the predictions were made is not understood, we can still check out whether or not they are accurate.

Now I believe in Astrology and together we can prove whether or not it can predict the future and show my actress/rock chick (Ms. Skeptic) just how wrong she is about Astrology. We are in a position now that we have never been in before. I’m talking about the internet and the fact that an experiment involving vast numbers of people can be conducted very easily.

Now it’s up to Rhumor’s Astrology Challenge to prove it to Ms. Skeptic. So we will set up 2 groups, one group that believe in Astrology, Rhumor’s team and the other group that don’t believe in Astrology, Ms. Skeptics team. So join in the fun, we can’t let people get away with dishing Rhumor can we?

When I looked at my stars yesterday using my Astrology toolbar, it said I was going to meet a handsome Capricorn male and do you know what, I got an invite to watch a fashion shoot this morning and you would never guess who the models are. All I am prepared to say at this time is that they are both Male, extremely gorgeous and very, very famous and one of them, I kid you not, is a Capricorn. Now if that isn’t fate I don’t know what is. So I used my Astrology tool bar that I downloaded to find out how Libra woman gets on with Capricorn man and (phew) it was hot, hot, hot. So this is the challenge, everyone has to download the same toolbar. I will put it on the site so we all use the same Astrological toolbar so that any differences that may show up can’t be blamed on different Astrological methods or systems being used.

Then all you Astrology believers and non Astrology believers can check out how you should be getting of with the men in your life and whether or not the predictions are accurate (you have to be 100% un-bias). Now if the information and predictions we get from the Astrologer is accurate then that should prove once and for all that Astrology is Correct! Thumbs up for those whose relationships mirror the Astrological prediction and thumbs down for those who don’t.

Now log in to my website you will and get the gen on the famous Cappie. After that it’s all down to Rhumor and fate! We can forget about the fact that he has a girlfriend (she is a bit flighty so she is fair game) so I think Rhumor can definitely get around that one!

Go to the website, download the Astrological toolbar and get going. So you know what you have to do don’t you thumbs up for a yes and thumbs down for a no. I’m sooooo excited!
Sabung Ayam
Concert for Judi’s House
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