Rice Paper And Write A “colorful” A New Chapter

As an important carrier of Chinese traditional culture Rice paper A change in the past only two dull white and yellow face. In mid-July, in the city declared “Poetry City, high-end wine Tasting Salon” and “Happy Chinese line charm Xuancheng” large variety show, the models are the rice paper “fashion show” stunning the audience, coupled with their slim and the posture Ambilight color rice paper fashion, a beautiful eye, “Johnson points.” “Debut fashion color rice paper, rice paper for the function of breaking boundaries, promote rice paper arts and culture, enhance the four treasures of the brand, expanding and four treasures of industry is significant.” Four Treasures City Council declared that the Secretary-General Wang Yunlong.

Cultural interpretation of the Millennium Legend

As the “four treasures of the first” From August 2002 formally approved by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, for the geographical origin of products to the June 2006 among the national intangible cultural heritage, to the traditional method produced magnificent art appearance of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony, rice paper art and heritage have always been look at, to be expectations and are commented cusp.

Paper Surgery as one of the four great inventions of ancient China, is known worldwide. Changing popular paper in China, Jin has been extensive use of rattan paper mulberry parchment Sui has been widely used until the rice paper appeared in the Tang Dynasty replaced mainstream. Jing County as the origin of rice paper, is “natural selection, survival of the fittest.” Jing county-southern Anhui province, located along the southern mid-latitudes, year-round mild climate, abundant rainfall, water quality and rich in acid, which local rich straw and Pteroceltis Sha Tin, which are necessary for manufacturing high-quality rice paper.

The term was first seen in the Tang Dynasty scholar Xuan Zhang Yan Yuan “ancient paintings in mind”: “Nosey should buy rice paper 100, use wax to prepare depict … ….” According to “Old Tang,” recorded in the Tang Dynasty has become a tribute rice paper. Song, who moved to Jing County, Xixiang, surnamed Cao, ran a small ridge along the rice paper to create a living, extending more than 700 years. Ming and Qing dynasties, small-Ling Cao Xuan paper manufacturing technology and increasingly sophisticated processing technology, scale of production and influence reached its peak. Anti-Japanese War, Xuan decline has been gradually restored to post-liberation. Since then, the gradual revival rice paper, “Red Star” brand rice paper is renown reelection three times Gold Medal of Quality Examination Committee, have been identified as Chinese Famous Brand and China honored.

Rice paper was invented by our working people, artistic creation, Chinese calligraphy and painting it will not be able to leave a wonderful taste of art expression. Looking back Xuan Millennium ups and downs, can glimpse how traditional culture is shocking and should be cherished! Rice paper innovation process is closely related to traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy, Chinese culture had an immeasurable impact. By using special materials, use of traditional hand papermaking techniques, rice paper with anti-aging, anti-moth, durable reservoir characteristics such as the “millennium life of paper, 10 000 containing the True.”

Millennium Paper troubled life

The new millennium, the Millennium rice paper shined. As of now, Jing County, rice paper, calligraphy paper, processing enterprises of more than 250 households with annual output of various class specifications rice paper, calligraphy paper, more than 6,000 tons of processed products more than 500 tons, rice paper directly and indirectly engaged in the cultural industry to reach the 5 million people, in Sell Amounted to 500 million yuan, profits of more than 5,000 yuan, accounting for more than 60% of painting and calligraphy paper, is the largest production base of handmade paper. SABUNG AYAM