Riot manage weapon Tear gas Spray gun

Tear gas can also be referred as CS gas. As the name says it is employed to create irritation in eyes. The tear gas was invented by the two Americans who are Roger Stoughton and Ben Corson at their Middle bury College in the year of 1928. This tear gas was utilised in England in between 1950’s and 1960’s. Tear gas is aptly named for its capacity to irritate all sensory organs like eyes, nose ears, breathing organs, tongue and short-term blindness to eyes. The name is offered for the chemical known as lachrymator which means creator of tears in Latin language. It inflames nerves of eyes to develop tears, irritation and short-term blindness which is extremely useful for the safety personnel to dissemble the mass of terrorist or mass of people indulging in illegal activities.

Normally this chemical is used in the type of tear gas spray gun which can spread in the atmosphere easily using air as its media for spreading itself and producing devastating impact. When they use it against rioting mob, to make them immobile chemical spray is used by distributing the spray chemical in the extended pipes, and security individuals will be quite away from the spray and they are protected by the suitable mask so as to not to get affected by the spray.

It is prohibited to use in the international warfare exactly where the chemical can result in devastating effects and it can affect those who are not connected with the warfare. Numerous chemical weapons are stored in various countries and they can trigger diverse effect on the health of the men and women. These are weapons capable of causing mass destruction and these are the weapons most condemned and kept secretly in the countries defense ammunition centers.

Even though tear gas spray gun can be employed as in the war, this chemical warfare produced such a horrifying impact on the folks, they have been awestruck and horrified to see its effect. It not only affect on these who were aimed, but it also affects those who uses this weapons, when wind is blown in opposite direction the one who aims will turn into target for their own weapons.

Even even though the spray is utilised sparingly, the effects are seen days soon after the spray are utilized. Authorities use it quite seldom, only when they consider the circumstance is going out of their control, and then they will use this tear gas spray gun on rioting public. These are the horrible chemical weapons in the hands of authorities.