Rivals Recruiting – One Stop Shopping For College Sports Recruiting

For the serious college sports fan who wants the latest recruiting news, there is no substitute for the Rivals Recruiting site. In addition, young high school athletes who are trying to see what it takes to get rated among the best in their graduating class, should check our Rivals whenever possible.

Rivals was established in May of 2001 and has been so successful it was purchased by Yahoo in July of 2007. Rivals recruiting has more than 300 writers, reporters and publishers. It is the most respected name in college sports coverage and the country’s leading authority on college football and basketball recruiting.

The content is deeper and more comprehensive than you’ll find anyplace else on the web. Rivals states that it seeks to deliver the “The Ultimate Fan Experience” by delivering expert content into a network of team-based sites which results in better fan knowledge and involvement.

Want to know just how popular Rivals Recruiting is? According to their site, they reached more than 11.5 million unique users in January 2009 alone! Wow! With those kinds of numbers, no wonder Yahoo stepped in and purchased them. Ask any fan or media member familiar with football and basketball recruiting coverage and the first name that usually comes to mind is Rivals Recruiting.

Rivals was the first to provide such innovative features as national player rankings, online video highlights, player cards and a player database that can be searched. Rivals is frequently sourced in major newspapers and is quoted regularly on ESPN, Fox Sports, and other leaders in the sports field.

If you have made it to the Rivals listing for your sport, you are well on your way to an athletic scholarship. Only the best of the best make it on their listings. If you are a high school student athlete struggling to get recruited and you’ll probably never make it to the Rivals Recruiting site, you need to start doing your own marketing and promoting to college coaches. You don’t have to be on Rivals to get recruited, you just have to let college coaches know about you and more importantly, what you can do for their program.