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As the international market, the dollar index’s rally, the RMB real effective exchange rate has been at the end of last year the chain increased. RMB appreciation for the Chinese export enterprises is undoubtedly a sad news, RMB appreciation by large enterprises are particularly significant, especially in mechanical and electrical industries and textile, clothing and other labor-intensive industries. For appreciation in the United States to become “fashionable” in the international, European and United Nations agencies, the United States did not follow the pace. “Exchange rate is a multidimensional problem, involving internal policies, but also an international tool to help monitor global trade.” Serge Abou, EU Ambassador to China said, however, need to win in international trade, to ensure that citizens of countries of employment, the exchange rate issue should be In the example 20 summit, the Asia-Europe summit to discuss such occasions, and is “from a constructive point of view.”  If 5% appreciation of the renminbi, for them, on the one hand is the icing on the cake, on the one hand is the crisis-ridden.  Ben Ni, Zhejiang Ocean Clothing (Group) Co., Ltd. Cheng Chen, Chairman love, freely admits to the newspaper, said: “RMB appreciation for what my company does not have a big impact. We do ODM, even if the price increase, the downstream Buyers can only agree to increase the prices, so we have little to lose. ”  And he considers that it should be the entire garment industry is so, the real impact on business should come from the design, innovation, the influence of fashion trends, rather than appreciation of the RMB.  Zheng Chen liked to say: “In the RMB exchange rate against the background of continued high in 2006, export of textile and apparel industry has unexpectedly hit a new high.”  Historical experience, after the exchange to change the industry by large industry will experience significant consolidation. Polarization integrated industry would be more serious, good company even better, weak corporate bankruptcy closed.  Thus, if the RMB appreciation will have some company, “disappeared” or “be gone.”  The impact of the appreciation in the traditional labor-intensive industries with low added value mainly in areas of low-end products. Because it means greatly reduced price advantage, foreign buyers are likely to turn to more affordable to buy other products. While Indonesia, India and other countries are eyeing on this market.  If the foregoing be referred to Mr. Kim disappeared active type, there will be some businesses will be with the appreciation of the yuan “is gone.”  Vice President Zhang Zhenyong Beijing Motor Factory, said: “If the re-appreciation of the yuan will strengthen the control of foreign investors in some industries, such as motor industry.”  “The industry size in comparison with large enterprises have been acquired by foreign investors or foreign financial.” Zhang Zhenyong said, “RMB appreciation in recent years by the impact of changes in motor industry, more and more. The original state-owned enterprises in this industry dominant-type position, gradually, a certain private enterprises occupy a dominant position. But the two three-year appreciation of the renminbi, coupled with relatively large fluctuations in raw materials, some state enterprises have been at a loss. ”  “In this case, there are many business owners on the choice of direct cash,” and Zhang Zhenyong said.  Barely disguised pleasure by “concern”  As for the raw materials industry, RMB appreciation is the positive factor. Real estate, paper, steel, petrochemical, aviation, transportation, electrical equipment, and financial services industries are capital markets recently have been promising.  If 5% appreciation of the renminbi, these industries are really able to show the “thriving” in the prosperous?  Outside the eyes of those who granted the barely disguised pleasure also has its own worries. We import most raw materials, oil, ores, are without packaging; we export to? Textile is our traditional export products, export about 100 million less than 2000; light industrial products, exports reached more than 4000 billion a year; which together amounted to more than 6000 million, about half of the total exports. There are a number of mechanical and electrical products and processing trade products, which are necessary packaging, the instructions inside, outside box, inner box, certificate, etc., are all kinds of paper products are different, not the same amount.  “We simply counted them together is probably more than 2000 tons per year, which means that hidden paper industry exports accounted for 25% of the entire industry.” Wei Zhao said.  “This appreciation of our business is definitely a good thing,” assistant general manager of China’s forest products distribution company, said Li Bin straightforward, “In the past we have done the import and export, and now we only do imports, and imports of logs, Russia, Australia, the USA and Canada of all, building materials and furniture made throughout the country after the sale. Our suppliers are many, not concentrated in a certain country, like iron ore, had a few. ”

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