Robin Quivers’s Detox – Did the Martha’s Vineyard Detox Diet Help Quivers Lose 21 Pounds in 21 Days?

Robin Quivers is a renowned name of Hollywood. It flashed back in the news in the past few days when she lost 70 lbs. with Martha’s Vineyard Detox plan. The punch line of this diet plan is quite attractive – lose 21 pounds in 21 days! Now with so many diet options available now a days, the consumers are cautious top choose the healthier options only. Is this diet safe for you? Let us review the same:

You can take up Martha’s Vineyard Detox either through the book or you may choose to stay in the vineyard located at Massachusetts. This diet plan comprises solely of the liquid diets. Yet it does not starve you as you take a lot of raw fruits & vegetables in the form of juices and smoothies.

Robin Quivers Detox

· Robin Quivers Detox was conducted at the farm itself.
· Quivers used to workout for at least 2 hours in the morning.
· That was followed up by a berry drink.
· Then after two hours she took a green drink.
· Another two hours and she took a lemon drink.
· The noon drink was a juice comprising spinach, ginger, chard, collard & cucumber.
· Similarly all day long she took different drinks every two hours.
· Along side, she also took up other processes like spa, massage, yoga, etc.

Is Martha’s Vineyard Detox safe & advisable?

· Actually Martha’s Vineyard Detox is based on the key term – Body Detox.
· This means flushing out all the toxins, waste & fecal matter from the body.
· On an average a person’s body holds 15 to 20 pounds weight made up of waste stored in the intestines.
· This diet cleanses the body from within and helps you lose the 20 pounds easily.
· But, what we miss out is that it keeps you on a liquid diet. Once you quit this plan and shift to normal eating you would gain quite some weight.
· Also the dieters who are new in the field would find it very difficult to survive of the liquids only.
· Further, in some cases it is quite unhealthy as well.
· Other examples of liquid diets include master cleanse or the lemonade diets, juice fasting, etc. All these put you to starvation. They are very harmful and must not be taken up. Even if you do so, talk to your physician first.

Acai berry for colon cleansing

All these diets are based on colon cleansing. So you should adapt a diet that provides this cleansing in a safer way. That is possible with acai berry. This little Amazonian fruit is known for its nutrients. It comprises of high amounts of healthy fatty acids, fibers and the anti oxidants that drain out all the toxins from the body and help you lose 20 pounds in a month or so. You can have normal but balanced diet along with it.